Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gearing up!!!

Well that surely describes it!  What are we gearing up for?   So many things all at one.  On Nov. 7th we will  be honoring Martha Osborne from Rainbow kids.  We are so so exited.  The entire Superkids team will attend.  We are laughing that it will be great to be together when we are not sleep deprived.  The Asia waiting child team will be working with Martha and learning more and more about advocacy.  Martha sets standards and has a model we are so so impressed with and excited about. In many ways it dictated our theme for the event, " Every Child Matters".  The Superkids team is dedicated to this. 

Each and every child is special and beautiful.  Its there differences that make them beautiful and special and there is the perfect family out there for each and every one. We all really believe that.  Often times families search for their Child by special need and in a way its that special need that brings you to the child. 

So here is the second thing we are gearing up for.  There are a number of new files that have come in or almost here.  Again we are excited.  More beautiful children to help on their journey.  Helping them find that forever family that is just right for them. 

So a lot to celebrate and a lot to gear up for. Here we go!!!!

today I  leave you with some beautiful pics of a few of our waiting sweeties!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

100 miles to You!!!

Two wonderful families started this project.  Both families are waiting for their child to come home. They are challenging all of us to walk, bike, run or kayak for 100 miles.  For each mile we complete we place a dollar in a jar and at the end of November ,which is national adoption month, Superkids will use these donations to fund our work in Asia.  We will be able to make more trips to help even more waiting children, find more forever families and provide love and comfort to those who wait.   Well here is the start of my 100 mile challenge.  Check it out on facebook and see the start of my 100 mile challenge here!


Here is the link to the facebook group!


Here are some of the beautiful children who's stories we are sharing.  Remember, every child matters.  We will serve as their voice so they can be heard and work to help them find their forever family.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Texas turnaround

I had to do a turn around trip to Texas this week. Down and back in one day.  For those of you who know me well, can you imagine?  Not a good flyer and hate to travel.  Still its all for the good. I am back safe and sound.  This errand was hard work but you will see the results coming up!

Wile this was going on Erin and I had the opportunity to review some great pics from our trip. so here are a few wonderful images from this trip.

See all these beautiful faces?  I just could not resist sharing and look,  Erin got in a couple of photos. She is usually behind the camera!!!!  More about our new kiddos coming up!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Can You See Me?

So never expect to go into an orphanage and come out the same person.  There has been a sot going around like that.  You will come out broken and hurt and all that is good because these kids need for that to happen to us.  We need to know what its like and how amazing children are there waiting. Just waiting....

This year we wanted to work on self esteem.  Help these kiddo see how beautiful they really are.  Beauty in their faces and sweet spirits. These kids rarely look in a mirror and almost never get to see their picture.  You quickly find this out when you take a picture and are bowled over by every child in the room wanting to look at your camera.  We decided to take Polaroid pics this year.   The pictures come on sticker and fit nicely on the back of a credit card mirrors.  Little plastic mirrors the size of a credit card.  Well what a success.  Here is a series of how one kiddo reacted.  Every child seemed to love these.  From the 18 month old babies on up.  Enjoy the fun!

Yes, sweet beautiful girl, we can see you.  You are so so special!  You are wonderful and not forgotten.  

Friday, September 26, 2014

Finding out about Taiwan

This year after our time in China, a smaller Superkids team continued to Taiwan.  We visited our orphanage partners in Taiwan.  I love going there.  This is my second trip to Taiwan.  I went once before and now we hope to do a big trip there in the next year.  I wanted to share some observations.

Visiting the orphanages was an experience.  The orphanages are spotless and care is good.  There are an abundance of Social workers to hep these children.  There interest is so positive for the children. They try to address the issues of self esteem and  work hard with the children.  They were open to help placing their boys. Many of the children get PT, OT and developmental therapy.  Just to know they run all types of tests for ADHD and everything under the sun.  The files are current with a lot of info.    

Many of the children have less medical need.  This again is just my observation. The children are in care due to  neglect and may have complex social history.  These are mostly healthy boys.  I was happy to meet the two brothers on the Asia waiting child blog today.  I will post the link below.

Taiwan is an easier trip than China.  Quite a bit of English is spoken.  But Hotter than hot. Humid too! I could not live there because I would melt.  There is no need for VPN in Taiwan.  I love the food in China and Taiwan.  Taiwan has more seafood based cuisine.  I had wonderful pumpkin noodles and an amazing shrimp dish there. This all may not be the norm but it was what I
 observed on my trip.  The last time I went it was in November and it was still hot!!!

If you want to adopt a waiting child,  Taiwan is an option too.

So on to the brothers.   I loved these two so much I could have taken them home myself.  Cuter than cute.  Anyone who would consider adopting brothers should go over and read about them.  You would be in for a whole lot of Joy!!!!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sugar Sweet

These two beauties are sweeter than sugar.  The both have sweet smiles,  sweet laughs,  Sweet hugs and are just so much fun!  What else do they have in common?  An extra chromosome.  Both these beauties have Downs Syndrome.  That means they have either a full or partial extra copy of chromosome 21.  I don't know but suspect its the sweetness chromosome because these two have extra extra in this category.

There are other things associated with this extra chromosome like,  heart defects, hypotonia,    gastrointestinal and endocrine issues.  There are some others as well.  If you don't know anything about Down's syndrome,  learn a little about it.  There is a facebook advocacy group. here is one of many resources.  http://www.ndss.org/ >  If you learn more about Downs syndrome,  you might just see yourself parenting a child with Down's.  You could live a life filled with joy sweetness and fun as well.

Just a little about these two girls.  Charlotte goes to the village school with the kiddos from the SWI.  She is beautiful and loves a good game of balloon chase.  She loved the Ipad too. Hair bows are also one of her musts.  She is cuter than cute.  We loved Charlotte.  Last year even our bus driver was taken by this sweetie and played balloon chase for almost one hour.

Amelia is a sweetie but baby.  She is happy, cooperative and likes to toys.  She gets what you want her to do and cooperates. She likes the ball and can pull up.  She likes to scoot on her bottom to get around.  This leaves her hands free for toys.  She is such a sweetie.  We have seen her twice, so we have pics from when she was just about a year old.  Amelia was found just outside the gates to the SWI.  She was left in a good place to be found immediately.  So this girl is just waiting for someone to love her.

So if you haven't parented a child with Downs,  learn more about it.  These girls could bring so much joy to your family.  That is not to say its easy.  Parenting any child is a long difficult and exhausting. But its so so worth it.

If you would like more information about either of these two girls please contact,  Patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com

Monday, September 8, 2014

Advocacy is an Amazing Tool

We have been thinking a lot about Special needs and what needs families are open to.  In many respects special needs are what draw you to a child in the beginning.  Special need is what you can search for a child with.  That along with age and gender.  It continues to amaze us that being a boy is a special need.  In China adoption boys make up at least 75% of the shared list.

There has been much talk on advocacy groups about why this is. Do boys just wait longer?  Are they being abandoned more than girls?  Are girls picked first and boys wait and wait?  The reason we do not have the answers to these questions is there is not documentation of how many children are abandoned each year.  How many boys and how many girls, where, when and ages.  We just do not know.  All this is food for thought.  Lets make a concerted effort to advocate on behalf of these wonderful boys.  They could be your sons.  They can grow up to be amazing young men.

We love our boy as well as our girls!  Girls are cool, Boys rock!!!  Adoption is just an amazing way to add to a family!!!!  These are our beautiful boys,  Help outreach and advocate for them!!!








If you think one of these amazing boys could be your son, contact us at  patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com