Thursday, April 2, 2015


This is a week of boys. I have another wonderful boy to introduce to you today! We are calling him Gus. He will be 10 years old very shortly. He is described as a little shy with strangers, but very polite to people he knows.

Gus is a healthy little boy with no health concerns. He is an average student. He can run, jump, ride a bike, and all of the other things you expect a 10 year old boy to do.

Gus is in a foster home and gets along well with his foster family and his classmates at school.

He prefers meat dishes to vegetables (I told you he is a typical ten year old boy). He like to play football and watch cartoons.

The Superkids team will be meeting Gus when we are in China in 1 1/2 weeks. We should be able to get updated information and more pictures then.

Gus was asked if he wants to be adopted and he indicated that he does. Are you his family?

Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information about adopting Gus.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


It is time for some baby love! Just look at this cute little fellow!

Griffin is 15 months old and is described as very clever. He likes watching everything that is going on around him and when it is meal time he wants to be fed first. If he isn't he cries and will not stop until he is fed. (How is that for standing up for your own needs at a very young age!?)

Griffin has several diagnoses. He has CHD (PDA), postoperative cleft lip, and postoperative right brachial plexus injury. He is developing well and can sit by himself. He can crawl with some assistance. He holds his own bottle and grabs toys to play with them.

He recognizes his name when it is called and he likes to cuddle with familiar people. When he is being held he likes to hold tightly to the clothes of his caregiver. (awwww. A cuddlebug!) I hope he will give me a few snuggles when the Superkids team is in China in a two weeks. We should be able to get more information and pictures too. Everyone be expecting some more Griffin cuteness coming up!

This darling baby needs a family to care for him and to give him all the cuddles he wants! Could Griffin be your son?

Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information about adopting Griffin.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Galen is a 9 year old boy with charming dimples! He is described as a quiet, shy child who works hard and pays close attention in school. He is in 3rd grade in a full-day primary school.  He can recite the multiplication tables and is learning double digit multiplication.

Galen has postoperative CHD. He seems to be a healthy little boy.

He is in foster care and enjoys helping with chores around the house such as cleaning the floor and putting the bowls and chopsticks in order. He does not like strong flavored foods such as garlic (don't you just love these cute little details!?) And he also prefers lean meat.

Another little detail I like is that he likes to use his imagination to draw trees and houses. I would like to see one of those drawings, wouldn't you? The Superkids team plans to meet Galen when we are in China in two weeks. Maybe I can get him to draw for me then! We should be able to get updated information and more pictures at that point. Wouldn't it be great if he was matched with a family by then?

Galen sounds like such a great little boy! Could he be your son?

Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information about adopting Galen.

Monday, March 30, 2015


Grayson is an eleven year old boy who wants to be adopted by and be part of a family. He wrote a letter to this effect. He also says, "I like to play badminton and draw. I am not picky and I like to eat all kinds of food."

Grayon has a repaired cleft lip and palate. He went to a special school for a few years but started 5th grade in a regular school this year. He loves to draw and his artwork is often displayed by his teacher on the blackboard. He gets along well with his classmates and is respectful to his teachers.

He is described as a very polite boy who enjoys listening to adult conversation and occasionally adding his opinion.

Grayson is in foster care. He is one of the children the Superkids team plans to meet when we are in China in two weeks (YAY!!!) So we should be able to get updated information and photos at that point.

This sweet boy needs a family. Could he be your son?

Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information about adopting Grayson.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Meet the April 2015 Team {Tanna}

Hello everyone! My name is Tanna Becker, and I am so excited to be blessed with the opportunity to go to China with SuperKids! I’ll tell you a little about myself first, and then I will explain how I got connected with the program! I am a Junior in college studying Human Development and Family Studies and a minor in Leadership and Management of Non-Profit Organizations. I would love to pursue a career with an international adoption agency when I graduate from college and am also considering the possibility of going on in school to receive my Masters in Social Work. I have four siblings, and I consider my family my very best friends! 

My Aunt Darla played a role in my passion for international adoption. When my aunt and her husband began the process of adopting their daughter, Tessa, from China she introduced me to several adoption blogs. I spent hours reading through the blogs and discovering so many incredible stories of adoption (I still read these blogs today)! Just a few weeks after my aunt and uncle brought their daughter home from China I spent the summer living with their family and helping out wherever I could as they transitioned to a family of six. This experience was a huge blessing, and I discovered even more how passionate I was about adoption.

The next summer I went on a mission trip to Uganda, Africa to work and live in an orphanage for two weeks. It was honestly two of the best weeks of my life, and I truly fell in love with the country. I have now spent time in Uganda in the same orphanage for the past three summers, and my family adopted my two younger brothers from this orphanage. Frank and Vick came home ten months ago and being able to experience adoption first hand has been incredible!  


My Aunt Darla first introduced me to Gladney and SuperKids. I found the work she did with the SuperKids to be fascinating! With my interest in adoption she encouraged me to apply for a summer internship with Gladney, and I am excited to be the international adoption intern with Gladney this summer! 

I am thankful for the many experiences I have had with adoption, but I never would have imagined myself receiving the opportunity to go to China with Superkids! I am excited to help the team in any way I can and see adoption through a perspective of a different country! 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gorgeous Gigi

Today I'm going to interrupt my normal, scheduled posting to introduce you to a lovely little girl. This is Gigi. Isn't she beautiful!? Just look at those dimples!

Gigi is 7 years old. She is a described as cheerful and easygoing. She gets along well with other children. She enjoys coloring, drawing, and singing. Her favorite toy is a telescope. And her favorite colors are pink and red.

Gigi's special need is multiple hemangioma (disappearing).

Gigi is in a foster home and attends school outside of the orphanage where she studies Chinese, math, English, music, drawing, and physical education. She can count to 100 and do simple addition and subtraction. She is learning to write Chinese characters.

Could Gigi be your daughter? We need a family with an LID (log in date) or whose dossier is very near completion to adopt Gigi.

Please contact April Uduhiri at to learn more about adopting Gigi.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Meet the April 2015 Team {Nancy}

I am so excited to be joining the SuperKids Asia team – I have to pinch myself sometimes so I know it is for real!  

My name is Nancy Dobson, and I have been a physical therapist since the early 1980’s.  I grew up in Mankato, MN as the daughter of two physical therapists.  My mom Barbara Lee Graham worked primarily with children, and became my inspiration to pursue a career in pediatric PT.  A friend of mine and I dreamed of opening a clinic for special needs children, and in 1991 we established Pediatric Therapy Services!  It has grown from a small one room clinic to a well-established facility in our region with a staff of over 25 (Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists) and support staff.   Every day we strive to “make a difference…one child at a time”.


My practice area has been fairly diverse, with more focus on children with CP, Developmental Delays, Musculoskeletal disorders and infants with torticollis.   I am blessed to work with a highly dedicated and skilled team of therapists– and I learn from them every day.  We have absolutely amazing kids and families that come through our door every day.  

I have gone on two mission trips to Panama with Mission Save a Smile ( Although the primary focus is dental care; I was able to work with a few children with physical impairments.  I helped educate their parents on therapeutic activities for their child, and with the help of my handy-man husband Joe, we were able to build a home-made stander from local materials for one little guy.

Outside of work, I love to bike, ran my first ½ marathon in 2014, and treasure any time spent with my family.  My 5 “kids” are all grown up now, and I am blessed to have 3 grandkids and inherited another 7 from my hubby.   I have a feeling there will be more grandbabies coming, which of course makes me happy!

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of this SuperKids Asia team.  I am hopeful and prayerful that God will use me in a meaningful way during our time in China.