Thursday, September 21, 2017

Adorable Brothers, Deacon & Dudley {Taiwan}

Meet 6 year old Deacon and his little brother Dudley who just turned 5 years old. I wish we could share more photos and the video of these two here on the blog – they are beyond adorable! Join our private Facebook group, Advocate for Taiwan waiting Children, to see more about these sweet brothers. 

Deacon is described as active, social, and curious. He enjoys school and does well. He especially likes adding and subtracting using the abacus. He enjoys playing with toy cars, robots, and doing arts and crafts projects.


Dudley is described as active with a good sense of humor. He loves to laugh! He is not yet in school, but gets along well with his peers. He can follow instructions during games and has good relationships with his caregivers. He enjoys playing with toy cars and robots. 

Both brothers are reported to be developmentally on target for their age, and have good communication skills. They do not have medical needs. Could these fun brothers be your sons? Contact Taiwan Program Caseworker Mary Chapman at mary.chapman@gladney.orgfor more information.

NOTE: Taiwan's privacy laws do not allow us to post full-face pictures of children. We do not have other pictures that we can share publicly yet. Please contact us to see pictures of both boys. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Meet Hosea

Let's start this week off with another cute-as-a-button little boy. Meet Hosea!

He is almost 5 years old and is described as a "good boy with bright eyes who is very cute when he smiles." sounds pretty adorable, right?

Hosea likes to try to juggle. I sure would love to see that! He has significant CHD (CTGA, PDA, PFO, VSD). He has already had the FONTAN procedure and the GLENN surgery.

Hosea walks independently, but tires quickly if walking for a long distance. He can jump and go up and down stairs. He speaks in simple sentences and understands instructions. He is just starting Kindergarten and is doing well in class.

This sweet little guy needs a family to care for him and help him reach his full potential! please contact us at for more information.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Taiwan Waiting Child Video

We just updated our waiting child videos! See all of our waiting children from Taiwan in this video.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Yep, you guessed it! We are at it again! Meet Harris and prepare to lose  your heart!

Harris is a 19 month old baby boy who is already standing independently. He will be walking in no time! His caregivers use words like "lovely" and "adorable" to describe him. he has bright eyes and a cute smile.

Harris has CHD (PFO) and another need that we will be happy to discuss with families.

He sits independently and crawls, he likes toys that make noises and has fun playing in the little playpen area with the other children.

Could this sweet baby be your son? Please contact us at for more information.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Family Friday! {Taiwan Welcome Home Post!}

Welcome Home Jean and Kiki!

We are all so excited and happy for Jean and Kiki, two sisters from Taiwan who are now home and part of a forever family! Mom, Alison, and dad, Jonathan, made it through all of the paperwork and all of the waiting and now finally have their daughter’s home!

Alison and Jonathan learned about Jean and Kiki after our Superkids team met the girls. After seeing some posts we made, they asked to review the girls information – and the rest is history!

Congratulations Jean, Kiki, Alison and Jonathan! We wish your family a lifetime of happiness, laughter, and most importantly love.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Meet Baby Perfection, Hogan

Since we are taking about perfect baby boys and new files and all of those exciting things...

Meet Hogan!

He is 18 months old and has a manageable need that we will be happy to discuss with interested families. His file is designated special focus, meaning that families just staring paperwork would be able to be matched with him if they meet all of China's requirements, which you can see here.

Hogan sits independently, rolls over, and pulls to a stand. He walks in the walker and, at 15 months, was beginning to take steps with assistance. He holds his own bottle and gets excited when it is meal time.

His file indicates that he is a happy, outgoing baby who loves to laugh. This gorgeous baby needs a family! Please contact us at for more information.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Little Boys, Little Boys!

As the new files keep rolling in I am just amazed at all of the files for adorable, precious, baby boys!

We have Howie and Judah and Justin; Hawk, Hayden, and Kevin. There is Silas, Sebastian, and Jordan. And don't forget Stuart, Sanford, Shane, and Scott! We don't even have blog post for all of these amazing children yet, but you can see them in our waiting child video.

Edited to add Hogan, Harris, Hosea,

They all need families! If you are open to adopting a boy please contact us today at Your son is waiting for you!