Friday, September 23, 2016

How YOU Can Help!

We have so many trips coming up over the next few months! As always we need donations to make these trips successful.

Our needs are larger this time because our reach is so much greater than it has ever been! We normally see around 200 children on our Superkids trips. With all of the trips coming up we will be seeing more like 600 kids! And with teams traveling at the same time it means we need multiple sets of developmental toys and things we use with the kids.

So we came up with an Amazon wish list. You can see it here.

Thank you in advance for your generous giving! Please share our wish list with family and friends! Together we can have a huge impact on the children in China!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

We are Going to Taiwan! And to China! And to China Again, and Again...

It is Superkids trip time, but we have never had as many trips happening close to the same time as we have now!

Monday was the first day for a Superkids team meeting children in the Shanghai province who were formerly on the shared list and now have been assigned to Gladney. But that is just the beginning!

We have a trip to Taiwan planned for October 1-7.

From October 7-23 we have our typical Superkids trip that we do every 6 months.

At the same time, from October 7-16 we plan to have a team in the Jiangxi province as part of the Former Shared List Project.

From October 21-30 another team will be traveling to the Anhui province as part of the former shared list project.

Then November 12-19 we will have a team in the Hebei province.

And November 18-26 we will have a team in Guizhou.

We are so thankful for all of the volunteers who have responded to our requests for help with these trips! Thank you for helping us to make this a success!

*pictures are from the team in China now

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Four Amazing Siblings! {Taiwan}

Big sister… oh you could see the love 10 year old May shared with her siblings. It was also very obvious that she had mothering characteristics – she would guide her siblings through the activities. She is quiet, yet sweet. As with a lot of older sisters, she seems very mature for her age. She beamed with a beautiful smile.

Little sister… at first glance you would think 9 year old Mabel is quiet and reserved. With a little time it was obvious that she is very smart. Originally I thought she was letting her sister do all the thinking of where the matches were during our matching game. To my surprise, she was coming across quiet and reserved because she was deep in thought - she soon became the leader in matches! At each match she would give this little grin, she really enjoyed the clapping and positive words.

Little brother…Malcolm, age 7, has a sweet smile and was very interested in everything that was going on around him. He was shy at first but slowly opened up. He even answered some of the questions for his brother! He told us that he loves to play with his siblings. He was excited to play with the toys and jungle gym in the room and happily ran around trying out everything!

Little brother… Macon, age 5, is so darn cute! He came in with his siblings and was sure not to let them out of his sight. Sporting his Lightening McQueen t-shirt he was off and running. When big brother, Malcolm, went to play on the slide he was his shadow. No slide was too high. He was eager to follow up the rope ladder and all around the room. On a few occasions I caught the most
adorable pose, he would just stop in his tracks and hug his arms tight around himself. A big smile on his face as he watched proudly of his siblings.

We have the full profiles for these children. For more information please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker Mary Chapman at

Friday, September 16, 2016


Lori is a lovely 11 year old girl who loves dressing up and looking pretty. When we put a bow in her hair she just couldn't stop smiling!

Lori has cerebral palsy. She can walk with a walker, but was in a stroller when we met her. She is a little hard to understand, but she communicates well. When we told her "good job" she replied with "thank you".

She likes Barbie dolls and gets along well with other children. She is a happy little girl who smiles and laughs easily. She enjoys doing crafts and drawing. Her favorite colors are pink and purple.

This beautiful little girl needs a family who will make her feel like the lovely girl she is! Could she be your daughter? Contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Our Two Little Celebrities!

Two of our little Superkids have been in the news this week. They were both adopted through Gladney's China program and we are so proud of them and of their families!

We first met them when they were less than a year old. Each time we returned to China we saw them and eventually their files were prepared and we began to advocate for them. You may have seen them here on the blog as Alice and Levi, now Hannah and Dawson. And now their story (and their precious little giggles) is being heard all over the nation and around the world.

The first time we met them!
You see, these two were best friends in China. I remember messaging with Hannah's mom while they were in China to adopt Hannah.  That day they had seen Hannah tell Dawson good-bye. She said, "We have to find him a family!" And she helped to make that happen. She posted about him on her own Facebook page and friends of hers saw it and showed it to their friends, the Clarys. They say the decision was made almost immediately to adopt Dawson. But here is the part that is so amazing! The Clarys and the Sykes live only a few miles apart. They did not know each other before the Clarys decided to adopt Dawson, but now the two families say they are like family.

Hannah and Dawson were reunited in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport last Thursday. The video shot by Sharron Sykes was so sweet that people around the world have watched it and the families have been on the Dallas news and Good Morning America. As they share their story the beautiful message of adoption is being heard loud and clear across the world.

Just watch it! You won't be sorry! And please share their story. It is so powerful and full joy!

You can see the interview with Good Morning America here.


We have another little cutie to introduce this morning! This is Jacob. He is just turned 3 and is described as a quiet little boy who loves listening to music and looking at books.

Jacob is speaking some words and understands what is said to him. He follows simple directions, walks and runs independently and likes to go down the slide.

Jacob has CHD. We plan to see him next month and should be able to get an update on his medical condition and the treatments he has received. We should also be able to get photos and videos which will be available to any family interested in adopting him.

This cute little boy needs a family! Could he be your son? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Maverick {Taiwan}

From the first moment this talkative 7 year old boy came into the room during our visit in May, it was apparent how special his relationship was with his foster dad. Maverick was excited to share with his foster dad all about his thoughts. As soon as he saw the Lego kits he was eager to pick one to try. All while telling his foster dad how excited he was and that at school he gets to put Legos together. He put the Lego kit together with little attention to the directions.

With the Lego kit complete Maverick turned to the slide. He was excited to join the other children in the room to climb and slide. His smile was so wide! He loved all the kids! His foster dad told us that he often tells his foster family how he wishes he had a sibling to play with. 

Maverick has ADD and some delays. He is currently not taking any medication for his ADD as it doesn’t seem to be necessary.

This fun loving little guy is looking for his forever family. Could this be you? For more information on Maverick, please contact Mary Chapman at