Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Slideshow Featuring Linus

Here is a video slideshow that features our super-star, Linus! He is 5 years old and has developmental delays. He needs a family. Please watch and share! Not only has Superkids met him, but a Gladney family met him when they were picking up their daughter in China. You can read a post that the dad, Steve, wrote about him here. As you can see, it's impossible to meet him without him stealing a little piece of your heart!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

3.21- A Family Story

Magnificent Miles as he was once referenced for sure and certain is magnificent! Who knew such a little one could hold so much of this mamas heart? Home just seven weeks this week and officially a Snyder eight weeks... although it feels as he has always been a part of our family. It's impossible to imagine the days before he was home. As our days are now filled with his contagious giggles, the pitter patter of his little feet along the wooden floors, his arms stretched out as he says "up" ... reading book after book "duck & goose" being some of his favorites... he says "loose" ... oh how proud I am of how much he has shown us in just this short time. 

Our little has been blessed to rock his extra chromosome. Down syndrome is part of magnificent Miles but it does not define him. He is our sunshine. He may not be at the same developmental stage as other two year olds but let me tell you he is just like every other toddler... curious and a sponge for learning. He may not look just like everyone else... his little feet have just a little extra space for sporting flip flops, his short little fingers are just the sweetest and his chocolate brown eyes are ever so slightly further apart. All this makes our magnificent Miles who he is. And we couldn't imagine him any other way. 

Today we celebrate as we raise awareness that Down syndrome isn't something to be afraid of. Knowledge is key. No we don't have all the answers nor do we know what tomorrow holds... but what we do know is we are so glad we made the decision to adopt our magnificent Miles. He has forever changed our world. The adventures have only just begun.

Happy Birthday, Micah! {Taiwan}

Happy Birthday, Micah!



These words are just five of many that capture our birthday boy, Micah. His personality is magnetic as it is virtually impossible to stay away from him. He has a way of drawing you into his world. His warm brown eyes and big smile are priceless. 

Micah is inspiring as he rocks his extra chromosome. He is a role model to his friends as he shows them he can do anything he sets his mind to.

He is the sweetest most compassionate little person I've met. Micah is sure to share lots of hugs and kisses with his friends and nannies. His love for his extra special house brothers is undeniable.

Adventurous... oh yes he is. Micah is just like any other boy when it comes to the adventure department. A precious moment I witnessed was him giggling as he put on his nannies flip flops and scurried down the hall.

Micah is quick to help pick up after play time or even to help keep the other kids smiling. He enjoys showing how he can sign and make animal noises while the nannies sing a song.

This little guy is one amazingly handsome fellow that for certain does not let his extra chromosome stop him from showing off his abilities. Rather his extra chromosome makes him exactly who he is... the magnetic, inspiring, compassionate, adventurous, helpful Micah we have all fallen deeply in love with. 

Let’s work to give Micah the best birthday present this year – a forever family! Could it be you? Please contact Mary Chapman at for more information on amazing Micah! Micah has a $4,000 grant through Gladney.

Monday, March 20, 2017

FSL Project & Meet George

Wendy Stanley wrote an update on the Former Shared List Project that we are involved in. It has required much time and effort on the part of many staff members and volunteers.  We are getting the updates on RainbowKids and have already gotten inquires on some of these children!

We sent four volunteer groups to China and saw over 170 children!!  We came back with hundreds of photos, videos, and helpful information.  We hope this project changes the lives for many of China’s children who have not yet been able to be truly seen by prospective adoptive families. This little boy featured below, George, is one such child.

And so – as we reach out to you all at this time, to let you know that the FSL children seen in China by Gladney Center and Superkids volunteers in the Fall of 2016 are being updated on, please spread the word and proudly share about George today!

NOW is George’s chance for a family  - for his lifetime.  And we all can do something to help him.  He is 13 and will age out, meaning he will no longer be eligible for adoption, after this year.  See his updated profile:  

Meet George

This is 13 year old George. His special need is blindness. His gifts are music, kindness, wit and humor. George goes to school and is learning to read with Braille. His great love is music. He let us know that he can play many instruments including piano, trumpet, tuba, harmonica, and Traditional Chinese Cucurbit flute. When he grows up, he wants to teach music and thought a good job might be musical performance!  

George shared many ideas and questions with us. He is not shy! He is imagining what he might talk about on the long flight to his new home. George is a smart and delightful young man. Could George be your son?

For more information on George please contact

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Elaina Video! {We Need Your Help}

Elaina is sweet and smart and amazing. She lives life with courage and determination. She needs a family so desperately. She will soar given the opportunity!

We need your help. Please share this video. Please tell everyone you know about her! If you need printable materials so that you can hand it out at your church or at work or wherever you can get people to listen please ask! I will email you something you can print. Elaina needs us to be her community. To give her a voice. She needs YOU. Please email us at for more information.

We can do this together!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


We have Linus' file! He is 5 years old and has a sweetness that is impossible to ignore. Read about one dad who met him here.

Linus has developmental delays. He needs a family to see him for the special little boy he is! He needs a family to help him reach his full potential.

He loves to drive little cars around and loves to color. He started school at the orphanage recently and his teacher said he is making good progress. He speaks in simple sentences and communicates his needs well. When asked about his favorite subject he said it is "singing". He dresses himself and takes care of his own self care.

He is described by his caregiver as a happy child who gets along well with the other children.

Could this sweet little boy be your son? Please contact us at for more information.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Precious Parker!

Oh my goodness, y'all! PARKER!!

Yep! There is a reason for all caps. JUST LOOK AT THAT LITTLE FACE!

Parker just turned 3. He has a treated condition that we will be glad to tell you about privately, but basically he is a very healthy, active little boy!

He attends preschool where he has learned to sing and dance. I laughed a little when I read in his file that "his habit of hygiene has improved". He is a 3 year old boy, after all!

Parker needs a family! Could he be your son? Please contact us a for more information. We are looking for a family who is logged in or nearing dossier completion to be matched with Parker.