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Angie {Taiwan}

Sometimes on a Superkids trips we meet a child who is so outstandingly sweet that we all lose our hearts. Most of the time we each have children who we fall in love with. Angie was one of those children we all loved. We just kept talking about how incredibly sweet she is, her personality really shone!

Angie is 12 years old and has developmental delays. She attends school, though it is hard for her. Her favorite subject is English and least favorite is math. She describes herself as lively, optimistic, and helpful. She likes jogging, riding a unicycle, and making others happy. She is helpful and a good worker.

I got out our little makeup kit and we had so much putting on makeup together. She was so proud of her beautiful fingernails and the photo I took and printed of her. She is just such a sweetheart!

Please take the time to really see Angie! She deserves to be seen for the lovely girl she is! She deserves a family to help her reach her full potential.

Could Angie be your daughter? Please contact us mary.chapman@gladney.org for more information. And, as always, if you want to see pictures and videos we cannot share publicly please join our private Taiwan Facebook group.


This time next year, Rana could be home with your family enjoying the holidays!  Rana is a lovely 5 ½ years old little girl.   She has a diagnosis of cleft palate and mental retardation. Her physical and motor development are similar to her peers.  She can walk, run, jump and go up and down stairs by herself.  She can pass a ball when playing. 

Her language development and mental development are delayed compared to her peers. She is able to say simple words family and peers’ names and use polite words.  She knows the difference between big and small and inner and outer.  At that time her file was prepared a year ago, she was not yet fully potty trained during nap and night time.

Rana is described as active. She enjoys playing with toys, listening to music is quiet and has a gentle nature. She has a ready smile and is energetic.  She likes to play ball and pass the ball to her peers and caregivers. 

Could Rana be your daughter? Contact us at superkids@gladney.org for more information about Rana.

Karson {Taiwan}

It is always fun to see the notes various team members write on a child's assessment sheet. I know how it goes there and that people are adding notes without reading what others have written, so it is fun to see when different team members describe a child using the same words. For 5 year old Karson those words are: bright, inquisitive, smart, independent.

And I'm just going to go ahead and add cute! Look at this little guy!

His file indicates that he has ADHD. He definitely was a high energy little guy, but he did focus well on tasks, completing puzzles very quickly and with ease. He is 5 and counted to 100 for us, he also wrote his name. He drew the cutest little person. With fingers and the lines on his little person's palms.

Karson's favorite toys are race cars and spinning tops. He did well with jumping, playing with balls, etc. but he told us he likes to play outside but doesn't like running very much.

Karson needs a family! Please contact mary.chapman@gladney.org for more information.


Roger is ready to celebrate his next Christmas with your family!  Roger is 2 ½ years old and has a listed need of CHD (PFO), hearing loss in both ears, and growth development delay. His file mentions that he uses a hearing aid.

Roger’s file was prepared when he was 14 months old. At that time, he was rolling over, could lift his head while lying on his stomach, and could follow moving objects.  He expresses joy by moving his arms and stamping his feet and giggling.  He asks for comfort when he cries and when he sees food, he gets excited to eat.  

Roger is described as quiet and fond of listening to music.  He enjoys playing games, and is close to his caregivers and classmates.  His favorite toys are musical toys.

We are seeking an update on Roger and are hopeful to see some progress in his development.

Could Roger be your son? Contact us at superkids@gladney.org for more information about Roger.

Family Friday!! {MATCHES!}

It is time to announce matches! Most of theses children are from China, but the brothers are from Taiwan! Help us celebrate today by liking and sharing this post!

I was recently in Mexico and got to watch a baby sea turtle release. We all cheered them on as they instinctively headed toward the water. Something about the way we all stood there cheering them on reminded me of our Gladney Superkids team as we think of the children we advocate for (just stay with me, I know I'm being a little cheesy). We love announcing matches!

Kasper {Taiwan}

Kasper is an 8 year old little boy with one request: He wants a family. What do you say to an 8 year old boy when he asks you to find him a family? You can't say that you will. You stand there, your mind spinning, knowing full well the challenges of finding him one. And you can only promise one thing: you will try. 

He sought me out, dragging an interpreter along, to tell me he wanted us to find him a family. I didn't know if he told anyone else, but when I read through notes we made while visiting with him last month I see that he did. Apparently he wanted to get the message to any of us he thought could make that happen!

Kasper likes to play with Legos, he is in 2nd grade and can read and write in Mandarin. He wrote his name for us and was very cooperative with what we asked him to do, until it got hard, then he balked a bit. What 8 year old likes to answer hard math facts? :)

Kasper's file indicates that he has ADHD, for which he is taking medication. He also has some difficult things in his background which break my heart when I read them. Some of his behaviors reflect the trauma he has experienced, which is to be expected.

This sweet little guy like hamburgers and french fries and likes PE, especially running, at school. He speaks in complete sentences and had some cute answers to questions we asked him. In one picture children are washing their hands and when we asked him why they need to do that he replied so that they will not get an intestinal flu or virus.

Could Kasper be your son? Please contact mary.chapman@gladney.org for more information!

P.S. Don't forget to join our private Facebook group where we can share photos and videos of the children from Taiwan that we cannot show publicly!

Gratitude on Thanksgiving Day {Family Story}

My family is so very thankful for the gift of adoption. We have seen such a transformation of this sweet girl who walked in to meet her new family July 30, 2018 for the first time. I don’t think any of us knew what to think and we were ALL scared. 

As of today she gets amazing medical care, therapy, preschool, and a family who loves her. I know many tell us how we have changed her life but I can guarantee you she has made each of us better even in these short 4 months. 

Thank you God for showing us the gift of adoption by sending your son, and thank you Gladney for helping us experience love like none other!  We are thankful!