Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The APC Conference in NYC

A Great Day at the APC Conference!

Last Sunday Leta and I spent the day at the 37th annual APC adoption conference in NYC (  The conference was great (as it always is) – but each year I like it for a different reason.  This year my top 3 reasons for loving the conference were:
1.       I got to meet a wonderful USCIS supervisor, Terri Karafin, and thank her in person!  Terri is a supervisor overseeing the processing of 1-800s and I-600s (among many other things).  She is a smart and compassionate professional whose supervisory attention has helped with the processing of some of our difficult cases.  
2.       I attended a workshop with a mom, Roseanne, who I helped adopt from Russia 15 years ago.  Her son is now attending college – he may be 2.5 feet taller, but he still has the same cute smile – and as I told Roseanne, I felt really proud of her son…I can only imagine how she must feel.
3.       I talked with a new family working with Gladney to adopt from China who stopped by our exhibitors table to say hi!  They were excited to be at the conference and had just attended Gladney’s Pathways Training earlier in Texas.  They have a move to Chicago planned – but in the meantime, we will make the most out of our work together in NYC over the next few months.
Seeing people face to face makes such a difference – it reminds us of the shared community we are in – but also of the very individual connections we have that make up our lives.   I hope everyone has the chance to attend adoption events in their local area to celebrate and learn from each other.
Wendy Stanley
Director, Asia program Social Services

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Desiree {Taiwan}

She’s MORE than Amazing! 

This is Desiree! A precious 4 year old girl who has shown us she is “more than amazing”!

It wasn’t enough to just sit on our laps, (and share our lunch with us) she wanted to snuggle and rest her forehead against our foreheads. This girl definitely seeks out connection!  As we look through our pictures we always smile to ourselves and say “beep beep” in our heads.  Why?  Each time Desiree saw a staff ID card, she would sing out “beep beep” imitating the sound made when the cards were used to open secured doors.  Her giggles and grins brightened our day – maybe they will brighten yours?

Desiree’s file indicates that she has sensory processing issues.  Since we met her on the May 2016 Superkids trip she has made great improvement in her attention span and her ability to interact with our team. She is still delayed compared to her peers, but we feel that her ongoing therapy is helping her catch up to age-appropriate developmental milestones. 

Contact Mary Chapman at for more information. And please share, share, and share again!

Monday, November 20, 2017


Levin turned 10 this year, he is a sweet boy with a beautiful smile. We have met him several times and he seems pretty quiet, but he loves to do little projects and show them to us. He is so proud of his beautiful pictures and the little Lego sets he put together.

He has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. This sweet little guy really needs a family to get him the care he needs and to help him reach his full potential.

He attends school at the orphanage and can read and write quite well. He does addition and subtraction and can recite his multiplication facts. He uses a wheelchair and needs help getting dressed and with some self care. He feeds himself and can use his hands to string beads.

Levin gets along well with other children and has a very sweet spirit. His file describes him as lively and cheerful. Could he be your son? Please contact us at for more information.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Chuck is a sweet 2 year old boy whose favorite activity is playing with a phone! 

Like many children, he is fascinated with the music, and can sit for a whole morning playing happily on the phone! He is described as more reserved than the other children, but once comfortable will come out of his shell and is a happy child. 

Chuck has developmental delays compared with other children his age, however his caregivers have seen progress in the time he has been with them.  Currently, Chuck likes to play with other children and is altogether active and content. 

Could Chuck be your son? Please contact us at for more information.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Pretty Little Lucinda

Lucinda is a beautiful 4 year old girl who is described as being talkative and laughing easily. Her file states that she has a pleasant personally and gets along well with the other children.

Lucinda has mild cerebral palsy and is receiving therapy. She walks without assistance and uses her hands well. She can pick up small objects and string beads. She dresses herself and feeds herself. She loves to help clean and to pretend to cook.

Her file states several times that she is well-loved and an easy child to care for. She lives in a foster home where she loves to help her foster mom with household chores.

Lucinda speaks in long sentences of 5 or more words and her speech is clear and easy to understand. She is attending kindergarten classes at the orphanage.

This precious little girl is waiting for a family. Could she be your daughter? please contact us at for more information.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

In Honor of Self-Advocacy {Taiwan Wrap-Up}

We just returned from a week long trip to Taiwan where we met around 70 children in 2 orphanages. We met children of all ages. Some of them need us to step up, speak up, and tell their stories for them. They need us to make them visible. And we are honored to be the ones to do that.

But then there are the ones who have a voice, they have the ability to advocate for themselves. They need us to step back, be quiet, and provide a platform on which they can speak. And we are honored to be the ones to do that.

These are the children who wear their best clothes and want to talk about their lives. These are the children who do 20 push-ups when we ask for 10. These are the children who share with us their dreams to be a chef of Japanese cuisine or show us their magic tricks. These are the children who recognize their need of a family and do whatever they can to make themselves visible.

We all love the babies, the little ones who need us to meet their needs. But the need to belong is just as strong in the hearts of some of the older children we meet. Everyone deserves to be so loved that someones' world would shatter without them in it.

We will be sharing children's stories here over the coming months. Some we will tell for them, for others we will allow them to tell their own. Please listen carefully and allow them to speak to your heart. Listen carefully, you may be the one their message is meant for.

Contact us at for more information on adoption from Taiwan.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Cory {China}

Cory is a darling two year old boy who is waiting for a family. He is in Shanghai for treatment right now and we just got new pictures of him. He seems to be doing well.

He has anal atresia, for which he is being treated. He is living in a foster home there. When he was first sent to Shanghai he was small and it was difficult for him to eat, but he has improved and started eating better and gaining weight with the treatment he has received there.

He is now crawling and walking with assistance. He likes to listen to music. When he first meets people he is quiet, but if you are patient he will warm up and start to play.

Cory needs a family! Could he be your son? Please contact us at for more information.