Beautiful Zheng Zheng

We continue to look for a family for Zheng Zheng (age 5).  Pat and Kathy met Zheng Zheng while they were in Shanghai, this is what Pat would like to share with prospective families for Zheng Zheng:

"When we met Zheng Zheng, she was wearing a little red jacket.  She was brought to the district foster care center by her foster mother.  They have a really nice relationship.  Zheng Zheng and her foster mom had watched all the activties we were doing with the children before her, and she was so eager to show us all that she could do!  When she entered the area we were seeing the children in - she spontaneously started demonstrating all the gross motor skill activities we had asked the other children to perform - standing one on leg, hopping up and down, bouncing a ball!  Zheng Zheng demonstrated her fine motor and cognitive skills as well.  She drew us a picture of a pink bunny, with a red sun and blue clouds.  She also drew a house and wrote her name on it in chinese characters while she waited for us. Zheng Zheng is a sweet child who really wanted to please.  At first she was quiet but the more time we spent with her the more she relaxed and opened up.  We had brought some toys as prizes and she chose the dinosaur finger puppets as her prize.  When Zheng Zheng  is adopted she will need some speech therapy/oral motor therapy.   My hope for Zheng Zheng is that she will find a great home..... just like she drew in her picture."

A second webinar featuring children from the Shanghai Children's Home whom Kathy and Pat met on their recent trip will be held later this month. When the date is set for this webinar we will post it to our Waiting Child Blog and also send out an email to everyone receiving this letter.