A Day in the Life of an Orphanage

A Day in the life

So… many of you probably wonder- ”If I were to hang out for a day at an orphanage… what would I see” And thus I present for you the following pictorial journey:   A Day in the Life.

You might get to meet the hen that enters the adolescent girl’s dorm.

Chicken in the dorm while the girls are doing their homework

 … for the sole purpose of laying an egg on one of the girl’s bed. Yes, the same girl. Yes, almost everyday.

Freshly laid egg on bed

 You might see a whole bunch of adorable little toddlers playing in the baby pool.

Our first swim!!!

 Or the huge group of 5-year-olds who jealously stand by watching and wishing they did not have to go back to school.

Man that looks fun!

 You will definitely see laundry… lots and lots of laundry!

More clothes than lines!

 And possibly a bunch of school aged boys who found a VERY fun toy (aka.. a wheel barrel, shovel and rocks).

Hard at work

 You might even get a dance lesson or two.

Kristi's first dance lesson in Colombia

 But only a select few… the most lucky of the lucky. Those who dare to dream. Will end their day at the orphanage by picking lice out of their hair.

The lucky ones.... de-licing

So folks. I hope that begins to give you an idea… mostly that one can NEVER know what to expect when stepping foot in an orphanage.  But you can be sure you will be amazed.