Shanghai Children's Home

Now that we are back from China, I thought everyone might like to know a little more about what it is like to be in the Shanghai Children's Home.

The Shanghai Children’s Home (SCH) is in the Hong Qiao area of Shanghai. There is a large gate and a reception area when you arrive at the orphanage. The first area you enter is the administration building. You walk into a glass lobby with a large conference room to the left. We have had many meetings in this conference room with the directors of the orphanage.  Many of the families adopting children from SCH start in this room and see a short film about the orphanage. We saw this film on our first trip to Shanghai. This building houses mostly offices and administrative space.

The next building is the rehabilitation center. The first floor has a gym, with mats on the floor for treatment, offices and private treatment rooms. On the second and third floors are a small sensory gym, a school for children with autism and more treatment rooms and areas for a program for the deaf. There are also classrooms for training and offices for the staff.

The orphanage itself is housed in a separate building. There are actually 4 areas separated into “gardens”. There is the rose garden, jasmine garden and I think 2 more gardens. Each “garden” contains more than 10 rooms of children. Each room will have about 20 children. They sleep in safe cribs with nice linens and cute teddy bears. Days are spent in walkers, chairs, wooden fenced areas with mats for tummy time or in the activity rooms. Outside there are landscaped paths, a fountain, a stream and many bridges and statues.

The orphanage itself is clean and the children are well cared for. We saw kids in clean clothes, well fed and happy. Bed laundry and clothes were clean. All the care is good. There is a medical staff there with nurses and doctors who see to the needs of the sick children. Some children are sent to the rehab center for treatment. They may go daily or 2 – 3 times per week.

The grounds at The Shanghai Children’s home are beautiful. I will attach some pictures for everyone to see the buildings. The staff is happy and always pleasant. They enjoy working with the children. I am always amazed that the administrative staff know the children well enough to tell you their stories. There was a young man, Stephan, who helped us with translation at SCH. When we were in the orphanage, he picked up a little boy and carried him around with us. Stephan told us that he just loved this little boy unfortunately, has blood cancer and will be receiving chemotherapy.

While families are waiting for their children that are in the Shanghai Childrens Home they can know that the caregivers and everyone at the orphanage is looking out for their welfare.