Gladney Partnership Children in Foster Care

I spent today evaluating Gladney partnership children from the Shanghai Children's Home Foster Care Center.  These children are available for adoption through Gladney.

In the morning, I saw four children who were in TERRIFIC shape.  They had minor to no issues at all.  One very bright, confident, and handsome boy spoke to me a few words in English! He was friendly and engaging and so full of love! 

In the afternoon, I evaluated two more children who had minor issues.  One boy had an issue with his stomach as a baby, but that issue has resolved, so he has no medical issues now.  The other child has a deformity of his wrist and hand on one side.  He was very capable and had a lovely personality.  They were both friendly and so, so sweet.

Many waiting orphans have very minor or no issues at all.  They are healthy- physically, emotionally, and intellectually.  I feel honored to work collaboratively with Gladney and the Shanghai Children's Home to find forever families for these children.  We want people to know that there are boys available for adoption as well as girls from China.  Many of these boys are smart, sweet, and just waiting for a home.

More partnership updates tomorrow,
Peace, Pat