Lots of Love and a Busy Day at Shanghai Children's Home


Today, I joyfully returned to the Shanghai Children's Home (SCH) - for the 5th time!  I have grown so attached to the children and staff here.  They are a second family.
Most of today, I trained SCH caregivers and rehabilitation staff.  I was graciously received by Sonya, Roy and Valen.  I am happy to say that I had a great day!  In the morning, I evaluated children with a variety of needs and presented ideas and methods for treatment.  In the afternoon, I worked intensely with caregivers in charge of caring for orphans with cerebral palsy (CP).  
Once again, I was impressed with the caregivers, particularly those in charge of children with CP.  Children with CP usually respond very well to proper intervention.  The caregivers at SCH really love these kids and had so many insightful questions and ideas.  I demonstrated techniques that improve positioning, breathing, and movement so that these children have an improved quality of life, and the caregivers an easier job.  
I worked a long time with a beautiful boy with severe CP.  He was very difficult to position and without proper positioning, it is difficult for children with CP to move at all.  His caregiver, however, was bright and eager to learn.  She quickly learned how to set his body into good alignment and...... in 1 ,2 3, she positioned him without my help so that he could lift his head up and say "goodbye" to us.  
Children like this boy will unlikely find a forever family to call his own.  But helping children learn to sit up, so that they can see people face to face and view the world, brings them out of darkness and into some light.  
As our day came to a close, I was blessed to observe a beautiful expression of love between two waiting children.  A boy with only mild issues shared his cookie with the boy who had severe cerebral palsy.  

What a great day!
Getting ready to evaluate partnership children.  More to come soon.