The Magic of Adoption

Less than 24 hours to go before I leave for China.  I was shocked today when we lost power for the first time since the storm.  Of course it was right after I put all my extra clothes into wash.  I had several minutes of anxiety and then remembered how many people have been without power since Saturday.  Needless to say the power is now back on and clothes are drying.

Today I am reflecting on something Janet Fink (Superkids founder) once said to me.  She said she did not want to miss out on the magic of adopting.  I think there is an amazing magic of a child that is grown in your heart.  Of that child finding his or her way to you, the parent.  Also, the magic of this new person you get to meet who will be part of the center of your family.  I think of the parents and the children as two glimmering lights on opposites of the world, waiting to unite.  I am uniquely lucky to be part of the process that brings these lights together.  I have been lucky to meet some of the parents who are adopting children from the partnership program.  I feel very lucky to be assisting in this process.  How happy and lucky can I be to meet all these wonderful children and so many great families! I can just feel the magic.