More Adventures with Edna

 Gongzhan and Edna on the high speed train

On Saturday morning Gongzhan, Edna and I traveled to TaiChung via high speed train.  This is no easy job considering the amount of luggage we had.  I am sending you some photos of Edna on the train.  The trip to Taichung, which is in the center of Taiwan, only took an hour.  The train runs thru mountains, fields and cities.  In the midst of mountains, remote areas, or cities we could see very beautiful temples.  Taichung is a large city.  Not like new york, but still large.  
We checked into our hotel and then were off to a quick lunch and meeting with the officials from the New Hope program.  They are very gracious.  I gave a presentation and Gongzhan did much work on the program with them. Everyone had a great time taking pictures with Edna.  She was an honored guest. 
It is clear that Gongzhan is very well respected. Traveling with him is an honor.  The officials from New Hope hosted us for dinner at a restaurant that specialized in seafood.  We saw fish lips, frogs, kidneys from who knows what animal, and lastly crocodile jaws.  I was good with everything but the crocodile.

Gongzhan, Edna, and New Hope Staff
The next day I was off to Shanghai.  On my way to the airport, my facilitator, Mr. Yeh decided I needed more sightseeing, so on the way to the airport, he stopped at the Grand Palace Hotel, host to Madame Chiang Kai-shek  Kai Sheck.  We also visited the Tomb of the Martyrs. I thought Mr. Yeh was great. 
I arrived in Shanghai without a problem but Edna got stopped for a security scan.  They were quite inquisitive about her.  I explained we are celebrating 125 years at the Gladney Center and it's Adoption month. They just shook their heads and let us through.  I was met at the airport by Roy from Shanghai Children's Home.  Edna and I both received a gracious welcome.  The last time I saw Roy was in NYC.  

Tomorrow I begin evaluating the partnership children from the Shanghai Children's Home.  I can't wait to see the kids.