Our Mission

I am thinking a lot about what my mission is in China and Taiwan this trip.  Every time I travel it is with a great deal of hope and thoughtfulness about the future.  I meet many children when I am in China.  I meet a large number of children with minor disabilities.  Many of their issues are not really considered disabilities here in the USA.  They don't effect how the kids will live nor will they make life harder in the long term.  These are the children who are part of the partnership program with the Shanghai Children's Home. Our goal with the partnership children is to help them find their forever families.  We speak to prospective parents and try to give them an idea of what the children are like.

There are many other children that I get to meet and work with who have serious  medical issues.  These children will probably not find forever families.  My goal with these children is to make them feel special and loved - to assist in their rehabilitation and with any special needs they have.  I think about these children when I get in bed at night.

Today, let's think about all the children in orphanages, not just in China, but around the world.  Let's send all the positive energy we can to all these children.  I hope they can know that in some way, there are people who love them.