Travels with Edna and a Great Day at Chengyi Orphanage

Gongzhan, Edna, and I made it to Taipei!

As part of Gladney's 125th Anniversary Celebration, Gladney staff, families, and volunteers are taking life size cutouts of Edna Gladney wherever they go.  When I arrived at JFK, Gongzhan was there - with Edna!

 Note Edna's stylish rain gear.

Edna enjoyed the airport. They let her thru security because they said she was not much to scan as she is a cardboard cutout.  We arrived in Tokyo aprox 14 hours later.  Good flight, but due to limited seating Edna was stuck in the overhead bin.  She did not mind the bin except during turbulence.  

Here is Gongzhan and Edna in Tokyo airport.  
 Edna looks refreshed , Gongzhan not so much. We had a moment when we realized Edna did not have a passport or visa.  She cleared security easily.  

Here were are in the hotel after a good nights sleep. 
 Here is Edna and Mr. Yeh our facilitator. We lost Edna for a while today because we forgot she was in the trunk.

 Here is Edna at the Chengyi orphanage. 

Today we visited the Chengyi orphanage in Taipei.  The director and staff welcomed us graciously.  It is clear they care deeply about all the children under their care.  There are older children without issues as well as special needs children for whom we will try to find forever families.  
I met two boys at Chengyi today and they were so great!  One boy is eight and is supposed to have trouble focusing.  He was well connected, he followed all my directions.  He was the sweetest boy whose focus was excellent when working with me.  He was such a beautiful spirit!  The second boy is ten and had been diagnosed with ADHD, but he no longer needs medication.  He has been at the orphanage over 4 years, goes to school, and is an excellent student.  He was a delight! 
Each boy drew me a picture and the older boy identified the things on his picture in English words because he is already learning English in school.  He was so sweet and his eyes sparkled. 
These two boys are happy and playful and so need forever families.  I wanted to take them both home with me.  They are just out there waiting for a family to love them and say they matter.  For right now they matter to me and I will think of them here dreaming of their forever families.   

More tomorrow,