At this Stage

At this stage of trip planning, I get very nervous. What will I forget? I have a recurrent dream, where I get to China, open my suitcase and it's empty. Then I remember, it's China, not the moon. What kids will I see? Will I have enough time to see everyone and do everything I want to? Of course not! Will there be time to have those quiet moments where time slows down, you don't see the room, only the child.

Sometimes when you connect with a child, the room gets quiet. The other people present fade away, it's just you and that child. Even without translation you can really find out who that child is. Will they begin to play, do you have to lead them there, once they start playing can they keep going?

When I enter an orphanage room, I look around and notice things. How many kids? How many caregivers? Is it clean? Are the children clean? Are there toys? How are the babies handled? Do they reach for the caregivers? When the caregivers hold them, do they faces them towards themselves or away from themselves? Then when you want to connect with a child you need to let all this fade away. I could be sitting in my living room when I connect with that child. I need to be that comfortable so surrounding does not matter.

I sometimes go back to my hotel at night and am hot, tired, dirty and sad. I take a hot shower, regroup and do the same thing the next day. Its all about the kids.

I have another recurrent dream. I walk into an orphanage and the rooms are empty. All the children have forever families. I lke this dream much better.


Pat PT