Bring em On!

I actually met 17 children yesterday.  Can you believe!  Back to my hotel for sleep.  Han apple and tea for dinner. Worked and then went back to sleep 1:30 to 6:00 AM.   Today i went to the orphanage, and saw about 20 children. Treated 3 in rehab, hung the sensory swing and in general made a pest of myself -p opping up in rooms, seeing as many children as I could, meeting caregivers i remembered.  I even met a doctor i knew who used to work in the rehab center.  It was old home week.  

Today' s post is not about me or my day.  It is about the caregivers of SCH.  Two in particular.  The first was the head of the "rose" garden for years.  The children are in different rooms that are in general classified by age or medical need.  Several rooms or an entire floor or building, make up a garden.  This caregiver is off from work now.  I'll call her "Miss R."  No one worked as hard as she did.  She wanted the best for all her children.  Fought hard for them. She on more than one occasion told me to stop making a child cry.  She would treat on the mats with me and manage the staff with one hand behind her.  Or she would come over, take the child from my arms and sooth them.  No one messed with her babies.  She was a fierce warrior, fair arbitrator and a could work tirelessly the whole day.  The second caregiver is "Miss J."  She is a wonder.  I had two children in her room today.  What lucky kids.   She started here with Miss R.- they worked in the same room for years.  As Miss R moved up, Miss J became head caregiver in the room next to Miss R's room.   I saw activities taking place in this room -  lacing, blocks, children on mats, and a sweet boy I saw in November made who made more than a year of progress since i last saw him.  All due to her tireless work.  She said to me today, a little rough translation but basically "its all about the right activities for the right child."  There is structure but there is play too.  I love her and i thanked her from all of us.  

These women are exceptional and the children more than deserve the exceptional care they give.   I am constantly amazed in the hardest of hard jobs, these women go above and beyond.  This is only one of the stories.  there are many more but lets call it a night and say a thank you to these women who work so hard to care for the children.  
Peace, Pat
Pics coming soon