I am often struck by how people believe something can't be done. They just assume, it will be hard so why try. By hard I mean next to impossible. I try not to think like that. I think, well how can we do this impossible thing. I try to approach things with an out of the box train of thought. This often requires a back to front type of logic. See the end goal and work backward step by step.

What is my end goal from this trip? Homes and forever families for every child I profile and meet. How will we do this? Get the word out, raise awareness, talk to anyone and everyone. I used to believe children with severe disabilities would be unlikely to find families. Not anymore. I see so many families adopting children with significant disabilities. Their heats are so big. They see all children as people not as their disability. I talk to anyone who will listen about the children I meet. I read constantly, looking for commonalities. Anything that can help in my quest.

I have always been an optimist. I am the one who believes big companies want to know if their product does not live up to expectations. I fill out every product survey. Answer every opinion poll. Etc. why? Because I believe we can change anything if we try hard enough. Can one of us make a difference in anything? Yes, of course we can. It is why I volunteer. I will succeed if one child finds a forever family, because that child may be the next Albert Einstein, the next YoYo Ma, the next madam currie. I will succeed if I hold one child's hand and make them feel loved even if its only for the afternoon. 

But let's aim for helping more.............

Does that change the world? You bet it does.

Peace, Pat, PT