A Sweet Story

Hi readers thanks for commenting.  Yes all of the files are designated to Gladney.  I have seen children with mild needs to serious needs and yes there will be more on the girl with Spina Bifida.  This trip i have seen approximately 30 in JiangXi  and 8 in Shanghai.  We will be posting more about these children on Gladneys Asia waiting child web page.  I appreciate everyone who is praying for me and for these children.  They need your prayers and forever families to love them.  Lets pray for that too.

Today we went to an orphanage in Ying Gan.  Very sweet people.  Here is the story of the assistant director of Ying Gan.  

Ying Gan is 49 years old and was an orphan herself.  She was at the Ying Gan orphanage.  She was in foster care until she was school age the she was returned to the orphanage.  Heartbreaking.  She grew up the rest of her childhood in the orphanage.  She worked herself up there.  She is now assistant director in charge of the daily running of the orphanage, accounting etc.  She is married and her son is now 27 and is a teacher.  Doesn't this just make you love this place.  She is very open about being an orphan.  She was pleased we found her story inspiring.  Today when i was at the orphanage seeing children there was a 20 year old boy who lives at the orphanage and helps with the children.  He was great and they all followed him everywhere.    I wonder where he will go.  I find this exceptional.  The commitment to see their kids do well.  Will post more pics tomorrow.  


These are pictures from yesterday