Sweet Update

I finally feel well rested!  I can remember so many little moments from this trip. Helping the girl with Spina Bifida with her walker. Helping a baby get her hands down on the surface and on her tummy. A caregiver who took a baby who was crying from me and kind of gave me a lecture about making her cry. There were so many little moments in this trip.

This is my favorite:  - about a little boy who i first saw in November who was quite motorically delayed, really needed alot of help with developmental activities - he is now walking! Thanks to the caregiver i told you about before. I am lucky to be in contact with this amazing boy's amazing adoptive mom. She will be comming to get him soon. I think she travels in July. How i got connected with his momm is a funny story. She was sent my name by someone here who knew i had seen him. She is a speech therapist on the other side of the world. Here is his picture. This is a good lesson for us. - with proper therapy they catch up.  So many happy endings. I had this Mom's pic and showed his caregiver. She immediately took the phone and began explaing to the boy that was his MaMa.  Makes me cry with joy even now.