Thank You!

First, I would like to thank all my followers, friends and families who are supporting me during my trip.  You give me incredible strength!    I feel so honored to know all of you.  I am moved and inspiried by how much you care about these children who are so difficult to place.  There are no words to describe how special you all are.  Today I was reminded of how important our working together is - if we are going to bring aid and find homes for these kiddos.

Today was an extra emotional day. We left Shanghai on a 8:30 flight.  off to Nanchung.  We then drove 3.5 hours outside Nanchung to a more rural area social welfare institute.  We saw 12 children there.- amazing, smart, resilient children who's eyes sparkles with so much love!!  Some if these children, however, had significant medical issues - which still, after 30 years of experience, breaks my heart. Then we went to another orphanage over an hour away.  We drove down a very rural road, much of the time on the other side into oncoming lanes.  We saw more children there.  What am i worried about?  that they will not find forever families because they have medical issues.  Saw a beautiful child with spina bifida and i just do not know what will become of her if she does not find a family.  She is a blessing - is there a family out there who will recognize that?  She really needs the best care possible to be able to function.  Please pray for these kids.  Send them all your positive energy.  They really need it.