Abby Leaves for Colombia in Two Days

I leave for Colombia soon!   Aaaaaaaaahh!

At this point, I am full of way more excitement than worry. Although, maybe it should be the other way around since I have yet to…
  • Begin packing
  • Find toys and books to take with me (anyone have any suggestions regarding finding used Spanish children’s books??)
  • Meet my fundraising goal (Hint hint: visit my donation page by clicking the “Donate” button above!)
  • Brush up on my medical Spanish (By “brush up”, I mean re-learn almost entirely…)
  • Find an apartment and arrange travel/moving to Atlanta for the job I just accepted and will start a whopping 12 days after I get back from spending eight weeks in South America. (I’m thrilled about this most recent bit of news! I’ll be working in spinal cord injury rehab at the Shepherd Center)
I reiterate: aaaaaaah!

In all seriousness though, it’s very exciting to have so many things before me. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have such a long to-do list as the result of such a wonderful opportunity! I’ve been communicating with Janet Fink, the director of Superkids (the organization organizing my travels to Cali), more frequently lately, and she recently passed along the names and stories of three little ones who will be getting adopted into American families while I am in Cali. This made my upcoming trip seem significantly more real, and I can’t wait to meet them and be able to share pictures and videos with their future adoptive parents as I work with them at Chiquitines!

So if you have any tips for packing, studying, fundraising, Atlanta apartment rental or preparation for Colombia, please feel free to send them my way via commenting or by emailing me at I also ask that if you are so inclined to pray that you keep me in your prayers and ask for adequate preparation, safe travels and a rewarding experience for the kids I will serve and myself. I appreciate it mucho.