Meet Abby! She's going to Colombia!

Follow the travels and trials of a young lady with a head full of curls as she sets out to make her mark on the world as an individual in pursuit of something más.

In exactly 22 days, I will be embarking on my biggest adventure yet: an eight week volunteer trip to Cali, Colombia, where I’ll spend my time providing occupational therapy services to what I expect to be some pretty stinkin’ cute kids.  I’ll be working at the orphanage, Chiquitines, which serves children from birth to approx. age 13. 

In February, I received word that Superkids had an OT volunteer position available in Colombia.  A few weeks ago, I bought my plane ticket and in a few weeks, I’ll be off!  My official travel dates are August 1st through September 26th.

At this point, I know very little about what to expect when I arrive in Cali, but I anticipate I will find both very challenging and rewarding experiences.  As I prepare for my trip, arrive in Colombia, attempt to relearn Spanish and do my best to help the Chiquitines kids in any way I can,  I hope to share my experiences with you via this blog.

So here’s to my next adventure and discovering “something más” out of life! I’m glad you’re here to share in it with me!