Since I have been back from China, life has not slowed down one bit. Profiles, updates, outreach and advocating for the beautiful children I met. Each one has a place in my heart. Last Friday night, I met Erin Martin and her family for dinner. She was in NY and we met somewhere in the middle. Erin, Keith and the kids got to experience Friday night traffic in NYC. So sorry for that guys. Summer traffic , on a Friday everyone is going somewhere. I know Erin because she adopted her youngest daughter from Shanghai thru the Guang Ming partnership program. I had the privilege to meet their daughter twice when she was still in Shanghai. The first time I met her, was to create a profile for the partnership program. The second time I was able to bring pictures and sit with her daughter, look at pics together. Of the family and their life. I don't know how much she understood as she was young but her nanny understood. She started crooning to her, MaMa as she pointed to Erin in the pics. I am sure this process continued until Erin arrived to get her. To meet this wonderful little one, first in china and now here is one of the best moments of my life. To know how much her life has changed is one of the miracles of this process.

When I think about this process, I am amazed at how many families step outside their comfort zone and open their hearts to a waiting child. Many open their hearts to children with special/medical needs. Waiting children get a new future, a forever family. Truly a miracle. In our current life, how many times do we really get to see something like this. It is a bit of good news in the world today.

The Martin family gave me a wonderful gift by visiting. The chance to see their story as it unfolds and the joy of seeing their daughter with her forever family. Erin is advocating for waiting children on her blog. I will also be advocating for these children. We are hoping for these children to find their forever families. To see this miracle again and again.