Update from Pat

Christopher Robin to Winnie the pooh

"Promise me you'll always remember:  you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think." -  A.A. Milne

I have been back from China about three weeks now and in many ways it seems like I was never there and in other ways it seems like I am still there.  I had such a diverse trip that I continue to have trouble processing all the things I observed there.  As I work this thru, I am fighting Jet lag, working on updates and thinking about the future.  What would be of assistance to these new children in the orphanages we visited?   That is when I call upon Winnie the Pooh.

On one trip, while working with an Ex Pat. volunteer, she told me if she had very little time, she would try to touch as many children as possible, because the children in orphanage crave touch. Indeed she was right, and they respond amazingly well to touch.  I have used this many times, to calm a crier.  In fact you will see me in many pictures, not looking at the kids but having them sit with me, in my lap.  Not looking, not making eye contact, but just holding them.  Touch is so powerful.  It is therapeutic just to touch the children more.  The other thing that is powerful is normal developmental positions.  Getting children on their bellies.  The dreaded Tummy time that has become such an issue here is also needed in China.  When in my mind goes to complex solutions, I remember to start simple.

Tomorrow, April, Erin Martin and I will be doing a webinair featuring some waiting children I met in China this trip.  April is the Asia program caseworker for Gladney.  Erin adopted a daughter through the Guang Ming program at Gladney.  Help us advocate for these children.  Let's help every child find a forever family.  I think that is simple enough.

Here is the link to the webinair.  Also stop over and visit Erin at her blog.