Look Mom, Two Hands!

After wearing a cast for the last two months after a humerus (upper arm bone) fracture, this little guy is finally free to move about! It was big news at Chiquitines this week.

Since the cast came off on Tuesday, the little guy still holds his left arm as if it was casted and uses primarily his right arm for playing, so we’re trying to even things out a bit. At nine months old, he should be able to sit independently while playing, crawl and pass objects between hands. Because he’s a bit behind in those areas and has spent most of the last two months in a reclined position, we’re now concentrating on weight-bearing for strengthening, lots of tummy time and quite a bit of sitting balance work. He is such a happy camper and a delight to work with!

Working on propped sitting before the cast came off…

Weight bearing through the previously casted arm to build strength for crawling!