By this time tomorrow, I will be in Cali, Colombia. I can’t believe it! When I first found out I would be traveling to Colombia with Superkids earlier this spring, it seemed like forever away. Now it’s less than 24 hours away. Crazy. The month of July was so busy with family gatherings, interviews, weddings, etc. I hardly had time to think about Colombia. Now that all of that is over, it’s very real and very here and I’m incredibly excited for it! There are so many unknowns attached to my upcoming travels right now – so many things I don’t know and won’t know until I’m there. However, there is a handful of things I do know about my trip.

1.I leave Chicago at 9:09 tomorrow morning, land in Panama City for a two hour layover then arrive in Cali at 5:25 tomorrow evening.

2.My suitcases are going to be pushing the 50 pound limit. Fingers crossed.

3.I am going to miss my family and friends like crazy while I’m gone.

4.I will make new friends. (Hopefully not new family. My mother is legitimately afraid that I will come back home with a newly adopted child.)

5.My Spanish will be at least moderately improved by the time I return to the U.S. in eight weeks.

6.As Cali is considered the Salsa dancing capital of the world, I will most certainly make a fool of myself should I try my hand at it.

7.Due to the hot and humid climate in Colombia, my hair will be one giant frizz ball for the next two months. Prepare yourself.

8. I will gain more than I give.

9. .I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do this. To learn, to give, to grow.

I don’t know when I’ll have internet access again, but I will try to blog again as soon as I get settled. Hasta luego!