An Outsider's View

Last week, a family from the U.S. visited Chiquitines so that their two newly adopted sons could say goodbye to the people and places that have been a part of their daily routine for the last several years. They were a few weeks into their roughly one month visit in which they meet and bond with their new children, complete necessary Colombia/U.S. paperwork and wait. And wait.
While browsing Gladney Adoption blogs tonight, I came across their blog. What they had to say about the day they visited Chiquitines speaks the truth of what I have seen during my time here.

“The place OVERFLOWS with love.  From the guard at the gate, to the maintenance man for the property, to the ladies sitting at the reception desk, to the elderly woman mopping the floor, to the teachers and therapists, to the “House Mamas”, to the ladies in the cafeteria cooking lunch, to the large group of volunteers serving the children, there was not one person my boys did not run to for a hug… not one person who did not receive them with open arms… not one person who had a dry eye when we drove away.  Chiquitines loves the children.  Chiquitines advocates for the children.  Chiquitines understands the children.  Chiquitines shares in the children’s success and failure.  They are committed to the SUCCESS of every child in their care.  God bless Chiquitines.”

Indeed, God bless Chiquitines.