Lessons Learned

Remember lesson number one from my last post? It must have rang home loud and clear because when I arrived at Chiquitines on Friday morning, this is what I found:

Talk about tummy time! It is so good for these little ones to be on a flat surface with toys to explore and learn from. In contrast to the baby slings that provide absolutely no opportunity for exploration aside from self-rocking (which is not conducive to learning how to sit independently) and which often leave the babies slouched at all sorts of horrible angles, tummy time promotes purposeful movement and interaction with the environment that these little ones so desperately need. Forget having to gently place them back on the mat every two minutes as they wander off into new territory – it is totally worth it to see them playing and exploring and learning!

On Thursday, I overheard a volunteer telling one of the caregivers why playing on a mat was better than spending time in the rocker chairs. The way she presented this newly acquired information so matter of fact made me grin to myself but I was one proud OT! I can’t say enough good things about the volunteers at Chiquitines. They are such a blessing!