Love Pendant

Love Pendant, Pat Reflects

A Gladney adoptive mom, Lisa Cohen, has created a Superkids pendent.  Superkids was created to give back to an orphanage in China.  Initially, Superkids was just in China .  The pendent displays a Chinese character for love.  I have owned this pendent since very early on in the history of Superkids it was given to me by Janet Fink, the founder of  Superkids as a gift in recognition of my service to the children of China.   You can see me wearing this pendent in China on my most recent trip.  Lisa donates the proceeds from this pendent to Superkids Asia.  Now she also makes a Mayan  pendent for Superkids Columbia.  I get a lot of questions about the pendent and Superkids.  
Why do you do this? What does it mean to you?

The answers to all these questions are complex.  I have been to China 7 times.  Officially, I am going to stop counting.
 I am changed EVERY TIME  I go to China.  I say about helping children, "You always get more than you give," I am forever changed by each hand I hold, each child I kiss, by the simple laugh or smile.  One visit, I played with a boy who had severe cerebral palsy.  We delivered a wheelchair for him, a boy that unless positioned in a wheelchair, he had to be held by a caregiver to sit up.  He spent most days looking at the celing.  Getting him in a wheelchair enabled him to grasp and release a small ball.  He dropped it off his tray table about 50 times and squealed every time I picked it up.  This was his version of catch.  I will never forget the sound of his laugh.

During my most recent trip, a boy with cerebral palsy had a great time dropping a crayon into my hand.  He could not speak but knew I understood.  This was one of the only things he could do to play.  He looked deep into my eyes when we were finished saying, "thanks for playing friend."  All with a look and no words.  When a child I have worked with comes home, it's the greatest feeling I can describe.  That child is no longer alone but part of a family who will love them forever.

I am proud of my work with Superkids.  I wear this pendent to commemorate all the children who live every day waiting for their forever family.  You can also wear the pendent and support Superkids.  Help make sure our work continues.  Follow the link below.  Choose the China love pendent to support, Superkids Asia and the Mayan pendent to support Superkids Columbia.  Please follow the link below and support Superkids.
Thank you,