Superkids is on a Journey

We started out in 2007 with a mission: empowering orphans worldwide.  It was broad enough to cover all the things we wanted to do… whatever would make the most difference to the children we would meet.  On our first trip, we brought therapy professionals to the Shanghai Children's Home for five days.  We worked with their rehab staff and saw so many children we lost count.  It was a journey, full of unexpected experiences, big smiles and tears as well. After that initial trip we grew, our work spread to more orphanages in different provinces. We met and worked with more rehab staff and trained more caregivers.

Superkids now has physical therapists, speech therapists and doctors on our teams.  Our mission has become broader.  We want to continue to improve the quality of care given to waiting children, but we also now advocate for these beautiful kiddos to find their forever family.  This is one of the most important things
we could ever do.  That part of our mission continues long after we come home.  The therapists and doctors remain dedicated to the children we have met in country.  Our teams follow the children's journeys and hope to see each one united with a waiting Mom and Dad.
We provide as much information as possible to those considering adoption.  These children are more than words on paper to us.  We have held them, touched their hair and listened to their words.  We get to meet or talk with Mom, Dad and family before they travel, sometimes even before they are matched.  Sometimes when we meet a matched child and can tell them something about their waiting family, it gives them comfort.  We are their line of communication in many ways.  We take the hug and pass it on.  I saw a waiting mom when I was in Texas in January, visiting the Gladney Center.  She said to her husband "Pat has held our daughter".  I gave her the hug her daughter gave me in China months before.

Every child that finds the family they are waiting for is one step forward in our mutual journey. They say that even the longest journey begins with just one step.  Where are we heading as adoption changes? I don't know.  We will continue to evolve and grow.  I hope our journey ends with empty orphanages and all children with their forever families.