Superkids is proud to welcome Erin Martin to our Summer 2013 team

Erin has been a great advocate for waiting children and we are so happy she will be joining us this summer.

“My name is Erin Martin.  I am married to Keith and together we parent and homeschool our five children.  I have had a heart for adoption for as long as I can remember and can recall stating when I was a young girl that I was going to have a huge family with children from all over the world!  The experience of adopting our two youngest children has had a profound impact on our family.  We have seen firsthand how love and care can change a child’s life!

I believe that every child deserves a family and that is why I am so excited about the opportunity to join the Superkids summer trip to China.  When we adopted our youngest daughter in 2012, we benefited from the evaluations done by Superkids volunteers.  We were able to speak with Pat Marcus while we were reviewing our daughter’s file.  We later received videos and pictures of our daughter and were able to send pictures of our family to her so that she was better prepared to meet us.

As an advocate for waiting children, I view this trip as an opportunity to be a voice for the children who have no voice, and hands and eyes for the parents who are waiting to welcome a child.  I believe that through the efforts of our team, many children can be united with their forever families and many families can be blessed with a wonderful child to call their own!”

We will be posting daily while in China on the Superkids blog, Erin's blog ( and Darla's blog (  We are linking our blogs so you can follow our trip preparation. You can donate to the Superkids team on this blog or on Erin's blog using the donate button.