What Makes a Difference

Our Superkids team has been connecting over the past few days.  We are discussing our upcoming trip and preparations, what we hope to accomplish and how can we make the greatest difference.  One thing I hope to convey is that every child is such a gift, a small, special, wonderful spirit waiting for us to see their uniqueness.
I attended the CAFO Conference recently and Stephen Ucembe, who had grown up in an orphanage spoke about what it was like when visitors came.  They were immediately drawn to those he called, "the cute kids".  He said, “those of us who were not as "cute" were seldom held or paid attention to”.  Breaks our hearts!  When we meet children with medical needs, skin disease or other physical issues, we go to those kids first.  If we hold one child in a room, we try to hold them all.  Everyone gets a chance with the bubbles, or the light up ball.  They will not be excluded or forgotten.  The kids with the most issues get their turn first.  We know these children are less likely to find forever families.  We hold them closely in our hearts, hoping with them, for their future forever family.
I am seeing a change in parents’ hearts.  Speaking with waiting Moms and Dads recently, they want to know more about a child's personality than their medical need.  Are they sweet, happy, active, spunky?

What is our attitude?  It's very simple.  We love them all.  They are special and full of promise and beauty here in the orphanage and when they find their forever families.