A few special pictures.

I have been home five full days.  I am working on updates and looking at pictures of beautiful children.  I still wake up in the night and do not know where I am.  Which city is this and what are we doing today?  How many sweet children will we evaluate?  Two weeks were too long.  I loved ever day but the length of time away and number of children we saw are making for a difficult re-entry.  I am home, but my head is still in China.  Every person who contacts me about a waiting child,  asks for photos is a small step forward for these kiddos.  I wish I could respond to everyone instantly.  I am still in the stage of creating summary sheets, organizing pics and conferencing with the Gladney case workers.   A lot of work to get organized, then it can be all about the kids.  That is my favorite part.  I want to share some memorable moments from my trip in pictures.
I just love these ears! 
I was trying to see if she could stand on one foot and when I opened my arms to show her how to balance, she hugged me.
                       This little girl really liked Gongzhan and followed him around the rest of the day.

This girl really wanted a family.  Here she is talking with Gongzhan.  She wanted to know, could she go now.  When would the family be here? 

This little boy is so Cute! He was hungry too, so he got a little lunch.
                                     We had so much fun smiling and playing with each other.