ChangSha kiddos

Yesterday was an amazing day.  We visited a very active social welfare institute with a wonderful director.  He has begun alot of new programs and modernized the facilities.  We evaluated 22 children yesterday.  Wow!  A large number of the children were young with minor medical needs.  Some were a bit older or had more more significant needs.  Many were in fostercare and the foster Mom or Dad came in with them.  I cannot say how beautiful and special these kiddos were.  The foster Moms or Dads were able to describe each child's unique characteristics that helped us to get to know them better.  Almost every family was fostering two  children. 

There were several kiddos who stood out.  There was a boy who is a little person.  His smile lit up the room.  He was laughing and playful.  There was a very tiny baby with a serious cleft lip and palette.  The medical needs did not define these children.  They were all kids, all the same.  Their lives consisted of playing, eating and sleep.  A few who were old enough went to school.  Most were under school age.

So yestrday was a great day where we met incredible kiddos.  Forever families get ready, your child might be from ChangSha.