the CCCWA and Waiting Child Quilt

On our long trip to China, my luggage was always over weight. It seems everyone carried something for me. Orphanage gifts, sensory brushes, three hundred lollipops, the list goes on. I take similar items on each trip. What I do not take is an almost Queen size Quilt in my luggage. As you can imagine it added considerable weight. I have posted pictures of the Quilt before. The Quilt was made to say thank you to the CCCWA and to remember all the children who still wait for forever families. We started the Quilt in New York city on the Autumn moon festival boat ride during the CCCWA visit last fall. Many children adopted from China drew beautiful pictures and contributed to the Quilt. We continued the project at the Gladney center Chinese New year party in Ft Worth and the GFA Houston party as well. The final squares were completed at the New York CNY party.

Personally, this was so special to me because I was able to work on the pictures and assist the kiddos. Some of the children I had met in their orphanages in China. To see a child there and now here with their forever family made my heart sing. To have an opportunity to color and draw with those children, was truly amazing. I assembled the Quilt and had it professionally quilted.

After our last orphanage day in ChangSha, we traveled via fast train to Beijing still carrying the Quilt. We met with the director of the CCCWA and presented the Quilt to him. He was amazed, pleased and called the Quilt a beautiful work of art and a gift from all the children. The Quilt will hang in an exhibition in the lobby of the headquarters. We were all so pleased at the reaction. Here are some pictures of the presentation.

 The director of the CCCWA admiring all the beautiful drawings on the squares

One last look at the Quilt.  I hope to get back to see it hanging in the exhibition.