Finishing up!

Well I am home.  My time in China ended in a whirlwind.  I was able to visit New Day.  had some time with the kiddos and in the therapy room.  That was great.  I enjoyed the sweet kids and the wonderful staff and volunteers.  I am hoping for some more time to do some therapy there in the future. 

I was at New Day on Thursday and Friday I flew home.  So here I am. Jet lagged, mixed up days and nights and dreaming of kiddos.  Our days in China went by way too fast but at the same time it seemed like we were in China for a long time.  We definitely packed the most into each day.  Saw the most children we could, spoke with orphanage officials, caregivers, foster parents, provincial representatives and even the CCCWA.  What a trip! 

Next comes the part I like best, helping all these kiddos be united with their forever families. The children we met are all unique, beautiful and individuals who so need a family to love them forever.  When I talk with older children, I try to ask the hard questions.  If they are able to open up its great.  I ask if they know why they are meeting me.  I ask how they feel about being adopted.  It is amazing the answers I am met with.  "I really want a family of my own."  or, "  I don't know how I feel ", or "I am scared.".  I will also ask matched older children, is there something that they want to tell the parents waiting for them. Sometimes I get amazing answers.  Sometimes its love for the parents they have not even met yet.  Sometimes its an acknowledgement that the have foster parents and

now a forever family and they are gratefully for both. The beauty of these children's spirit is greater than words can describe.        

So while I try to process the trip, here are some older kiddo pics.