Falling in Love all over again

We have been waiting on a very important bit of information from China that has not come.  I email and no response as yet.  Waiting to tell you the story until I have confirmation.  Still we continue to move forward and wait.  So...here is a story about how we feel.  Each one of us expresses this sentiment separately and together.  We all communicate frequently, via Email, text, facebook and lengthy phone calls.  We look at pictures, review profiles, research diagnosis, laugh and cry over kids stories.  We are hoping for potential adoptive parents to feel called to the kiddos we met.

At every orphanage we ask, how can we help?  Sometimes its developmental training, sometimes its seeing more kids who have difficult medical conditions.  The orphanage asking, can you help this child find a home.  They have been waiting a long time. A long long time.  That breaks my heart. 

So coming together as a team is very important.  When we look at pictures, review notes and talk on the phone, we fall in love with the kids all over again.  Darla said exactly yesterday.  Can't tell you how special every child we met is. We are going to talk about some of the children from Jiangxi province this week on a webinair.  Darla will be on the webinair too.  So get ready to fall in love with these kids.

  Falling in love with the kids in JiangXi all over again.