JiangXi province

The Superkids team was in the JiangXi province for 4 days.  We traveled from Shanghai to Nanchung, the capital of the province via plane.  We were met by provincial officials.    We drove to the first orphanage which was approximately three hours away. We saw a number of children there and also had a chance to meet a matched child.  This was on very limited sleep.  Just to mention, JiangXi and Hunan are called the "hot pots" of China due to the excessive heat.  In JiangXi, no breeze, very high humidity and over 90 every day.

The travel in the province  may be difficult but the scenery and the kids were beautiful.  JiangXi has beautiful mountains and is considered the porcelain capital of China. There are beautiful lakes and lovely mountains that we saw while riding along. 

 This is our trusty van.

  These are beautiful mountains we saw at a park in Ping Xiang.

Most beautiful of all were the kiddos.  We were exhausted, sleep deprived and hot but the kids just pulled us right in and brightened our moods.  We loved the children of the JiangXi province.  Hear more about these cuties on our webinair. 

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