Family Fridays

In the first family Fridays post, Suzanne Meledeo shares about adopting the Waiting Child.  I was lucky to meet Suzanne's son in China.  This is how we first became aquainted.  She is a great advocate for Waiting Children.  Her son remains special in my heart as do all the kiddos we meet on our Superkids trips and every child who still waits for their forever family. 

Thinking about Adoption? Have you considered the Waiting Child?

When my husband and I first started our adoption process, these children were referred to as “Special Needs” which frankly is a little scary. We knew we were called to adopt but our dreams centered on a perfect small bouncing bundle of joy. How wrong and selfish we were! We were looking at it through the eyes of the world, not the eyes of our Heavenly Father.

After several months of paperwork and blocks in the road, our caseworker mentioned these children as a possibility to us, we looked at each, initially with fear and trepidation, and said, "We don't think so", but God had other plans. He began to work in our hearts and brought people into our lives who had adopted children from China on the waiting child list and showed us that He had a completely different plan, one far more wonderful than anything we could have imagined with our finite minds. He showed us that we didn't need be scared of this special list of children but rather to see them as beautiful children created by their Creator, perfect in His eyes, and waiting for us to adopt them!

I am going to share some pics of beautiful Waiting Children from our last trip. Dont forget to follow this blog and follow Suzanne's advocacy on a site she started with fellow Gladney Mom  Erin Martin on Waiting for Blessings