One of the bravest kiddos I've ever met

When we were in ChangSha we met this lovely girl.  She was living in foster care.  She came in with her foster father.  They had a cute back and forth dialog.  He translated for her, explaining that he was a teacher. His English was impeccable.  She has been in foster care a long time.  The foster Mom has a serious heart condition and they felt "Amanda" would have more opportunities available to her if she were internationally adopted.  She is a sweet beautiful girl.  As we talked to her more, she touched all our hearts.  Her foster father described her as open, brave, bright and straight forward.  

Amanda turns 13 in December.  That means a family has just about one year to bring her home.  When we asked her what was important to her about a family, she asked for a family who will be patient and love her. She also hopes for siblings if possible.  Amanda has had recent spinal surgery and we believe she had Spina Bifida but in her file they call this post operative straightening of bulging lumbar backbone.  She uses a wheelchair to get around but can take some steps.  She is independent in all her self care activities. Her favorite subject is Math!  Her favorite color is light purple.

This beautiful girl touched the entire teams heart.  We received a message yesterday that Amanda was moved back to the orphanage due to the foster Mom's poor health.  The foster family tries to visit her on the weekends helping her to adjust to this change.  We all cried when we read this.

This girl is waiting, hoping for a forever family.  As one chapter closes in her life, another chapter is set to open.  We hope someone feels she is their daughter.