Steven, a very special self advocater

In the JiangXi province we met a very amazing group of children.  These kiddos told us, we want a forever family.  One by one.  Orphanage by orphanage.  We heard the same words.  These were special children who were searching for the love of a family.  This special boy was one of our self advocaters.

 Stephen is 11 years old.  he is currently in foster care.  He was initially placed with an older couple who has passed on.  We are not sure whether he was adopted or whether he was just in what everyone thought was a permanent foster placement.  He is in foster care again.  But he really wants a family of his own and forever

Here are his own words. "  very much want to have a happy family.  With a family, i can experience the love from a father and a mother.  If I have an opportunity to be adopted, I will be very happy and very much want to go to the new family."
All of us were impressed by this handsome boy.  To be 11 years old and able to advocate, ask for something so enormous, really takes your breath away when you think about it.  There are plenty of other facts about Steven that you can read in his profile or hear about this boy by contacting the Superkids team. 
The most important thing to know is there is a sweet, handsome, boy in China who is waiting for his forever family to find him.  If you could be his family and want to learn more you can contact  or