They Are All Special!

The title of this post was going to be, "What a special kiddo!", which made me really reflect.  They are all special!  Each and every child is very special.  They have their own story, uniqueness, beauty.  They tell us something about themselves or the orphanage shares a fact about this child.  I remember how light the littlest babies felt in our arms.  I remember how one child liked musical toys and another liked balls.  I remember every child who asked me to Please, find them a family.  I keep a record of all this information.  Each time a potential adoptive parent calls, I pull out these notes and the pictures.  I like to have the pictures out when I am talking to people who inquire about the children.  In a way, I let  their pictures and their unique personality speak.  I try to convey this to the potential parents.  I hope that they will all find their forever son or daughter .  At the same time, I hope every child will find that forever family.

So yes, they are all special!  

Here are some of the beautiful, special, amazing children we met. 



I had to stop myself here or you wold be seeing 126 pictures!