Special kiddo with a big personality.

We met Austin on the final day of our Superkids trip this Summer.  He has a big personality and filled the room with energy.  He was smiling continuously and we met him with his best friend. They go to school and live in the same setting.  It amazed me how well Austin made himself understood with just gestures.  Austin is deaf mute and does not sign.  Austin also has another medical need.   He is going to a special school but has not learned much Sign language. We tried some simple ASL and our Guide tried some sign that he is familiar with in China.  We did not get a response.  No worries, Austin was able to make himself understood well.

 Austin wanted his picture taken. Austin wanted a turn with the iPad.  Austin told us what he wanted and we understood.  He loves his best friend and hugged him.  He was cool, but not too cool to hug his best friend. Austin communicated it all.  Austin has been an orphan longer than he can remember.

 Austin need someone to love him.  To nurture him.  To help this incredible child grow into adulthood and maximize his potential.  He is an amazing person who is so ready for a family to love him and to treat him as the special amazing individual he is.  Austin just turned 13 so the need is urgent.  If he reaches 14 he will not be able to be adopted. Could Austin be your son?

Would you like to learn more about Austin?  you can read Chelsea's amazing advocacy post  Here
If you want more information on Austin contact me at Patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com or Lindsay.miller@gladney.org.