The Seashell

I was on vacation last week in Nova Scotia. It is beautiful and I got some much needed rest. I found something when I was there that I would like to share with you. On this beautiful beach, I found one perfect, delicate seashell. Why is this remarkable? Well you don't find many seashells in Nova Scotia because it sticks out into the Atlantic and there is a lot of pounding crashing surf due to the geography of the coast line. While holding this shell, it suddenly hit me. This is just like our Waiting Children.

They are tossed and tumbled in the waters and end up on the shore. They are each perfect and unique. The cracks and wear from the ocean only make them more beautiful. They are my seashell. They make it to us. We pick them up and move them to a new place and we discover they are more beautiful than we ever imagined seeing them on the beach. We are the lucky ones. We find this amazing gift, this wonderful child who has been through the crashing surf. This child is only beginning to be their most beautiful, loved and appreciated. Still, we are the lucky ones when a child comes into our lives.

So, next time you see a waiting child think how unique and special they are. We are in a place to celebrate differences endorse uniqueness and rejoice at individuality. Even better, we can give that seashell a home, a place where it will be even more beautiful on the beach.

Here are a few beautiful, unique, amazing seashells.