Wishes do come true!

This week went by in a blur.  Talking to families, meetings and outreach at Gladney,  conferences with Waiting Child advocates and the Superkids team.  There is more good news from Superkids.  I made a personal wish this year for on my birthday.  I wished that each and every child I met in China would find a forever family to love them.  Well, each time a family steps forward its like part of my wish is coming true.  One of the most rewarding things we all do is to see a child come home with their forever family.  One of the saddest is when a child we have met does not find their family.  That is just heartbreaking on so many levels.  To have held them in our arms and then no one sees the uniqueness and beauty of that precious child is sadder that words can even describe.  But why am I dwelling on this, because there are so many wonderful, beautiful and amazing children out there just waiting for a Mom, Dad and family.

Today we have good news!

I have found my family! 

We are so happy that Shayla found her family.  Can you hear us celebrating?  Yes, there is one more beautiful child who will be loved by a family.  We are so happy for her.

Remember there are still many children waiting for families. Boys as well as girls, older and younger, all special and unique and beautiful for who they are.  None are defined by a special need. They are just amazing individuals, precious children wishing to be loved.  Wishes do come true!