A Special Boy who we were Surprised to Meet

Today I am advocating for Brandon.  He is a real cutie pie.  His file came in but he was not with the kids we had met at his orphanage.  When the team got to talking about him we were surprised to find out he is in Butterfly house which is a special program in his orphanage.  It is a program that helps children with end of life care.  A pediatric hospice.  If these children did not know love before, they certainly do in this end of life facility.

Brandon is not there like the other children for end of life care.   Brandon had a congenital heart defect and he already had his surgery when he was sent to Butterfly house.  We think he was sent there because he was loved.  He is doing amazingly well.  He is thriving and now they are working towards adoption for him.  They are thrilled with his progress.  We are thrilled too.  You see when we went through Butterfly house we met Brandon.  We just did not know it was him at the time.

Erin and I remember him as a little kiddo who followed us room to room. He grabbed our attention any time he could.  He was confident, self assured and he stole the show!   He was so cute and clearly was being given love.  He was just blossoming.  Doing well enough to go between room and try to do things he should not. We all fell in love with him.  Even back then before we knew who he was.

So, what does he need? A Mom and Dad who will love him forever is what he needs.  Could he be your son?  To learn more about Brandon, contact me at  Patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com

Remember, Boys Rock!