Boys Rock!

Of course boys rock!  So do girls, and so does adoption.  Boys are at a disadvantage however and we are trying to level the field. I see time and time again, girls with the same needs as boys get picked first and the boys wait.  And wait, and wait.  I tried to find some numbers on this but could not get any stats.  From past shared lists,  I have seen lists that are mostly boys.  There are more and more boys in the orphanages.  I observe this in the orphanages I visit. 

So this is adoption awareness month, we want to highlight this situation.  We are going to highlight 30 boys for the 30 days of this month.  You can read the daily post here.  So remember, Boys Rock!Here are some cutie pies from the first four days of the month. 

I do want to say,  we love our girls so much too.  We want every child to find a home, a family and all the love they deserve.  The boys are just at a disadvantage.  So, adoption, girls and boys rock!

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