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   November is Boys rock month.  A wonderful family shared their story of adopting an older boy and I want to share it here.  Juliette wrote this for me and she has been a great source of support for Superkids.  We met her son and had many conversations about what kind of boy he is and how he would fit into their family.  He is one of the sweetest boys I have ever met.  He has really done well and is a wonderful addition to their family.  Read about their adoption here and remember, 

Boys ROCK!!!

Almost two years ago, my husband Tom and I decided we wanted to adopt again. We were not sure if we wanted another son or another daughter. We were sure that we were getting a little older and a baby was out of the picture. That was when we saw Pin Pin. He had just turned seven and had been in foster care his entire life (save the first 6 months or so). We were both nervous and excited at the prospect of adopting an older child. How would he adjust to being taken away from everything he has every known? How would he adjust coming into a family and being the baby? What had his life been like in foster care? How would we handle the language barrier? There were so many “what-ifs”….Surely, the questions would not be answered until he was actually a part of our family and could tell us, so we put them in the back of our minds and contacted Pat Marcus, who had just returned from meeting Henry and several other children residing in foster care or at the Shanghai Orphanage. What happened next was pretty amazing. Pat called us back right away and gave us information on Henry regarding his special need, her assessment of his gross/fine motor skills and where he was socially. She even had a little video of him playing soccer with a friend. So while the questions we had initially were not to be answered yet, so much more was. He was healthy. He was developing normally. He had a strong spirit. That was enough. We knew he would be our son! Nine months passed rather quickly, and before we knew it, were on our way to Shanghai to meet our son. We brought two of our children with us, Noah (9) and Leah (9) to help ease the transition with Henry and so they could experience China and its wonderful culture. We all waited nervously with other families as the children were being brought in one by one. Most of the kids were three or younger and in a bit of shock as they came in and were handed over to the loving arms of the moms and dads who had waited so long for this precise moment. In a matter of seconds, families were changed forever- this moment- such a defining one in ALL our lives’- was so monumental we were speechless and everyone in the room broke out in tears of joy, happiness, wonderment and relief. I was getting more nervous, as I knew that I would not get to scoop Henry out of the arms of a nanny and carry him around. He already had a history; almost eight years living with foster grandparents and their extended family. He had friends. School. His being had begun to take shape and he was already independent in so many ways. He had a voice. He had likes and dislikes and a personality. I knew we would take our cues from him when we met for the first time. Then he walked in. He was sweating and nervous. We could see his heart pounding through his shirt as he nervously walked over to us and handed us gifts. He immediately attached to Noah and Leah, relieved to see others he could identify with on some level. We signed papers and left to get settled in at the hotel and eat and get to know each other. The rest of our time in China was filled with paperwork, adventure and bonding. By the second day, when we had to go and tell the government that, “YES, we want to continue with the adoption,” Henry was bounding up the stairs telling everyone he could that we were his “mama and baba” and that we had finally come for him…we finally found him. Now, we have been a family for a year. Tom and I look at each other everyday amazed at Henry’s progress and how he has just fit right in as if he had always been here. Henry talks each and every day about his life in China and even wants to go back to visit someday. He has told us funny stories, sad stories, and heartwarming stories. One of the things we love best is that he has a very clear memory of his past, an unexpected gift when adopting an older child. Henry has brought us so much joy and has completed our family. There are so many older boys and girls who are up for adoption. They NEED homes. They WANT a forever family. They DESERVE a chance. They deserve for their mamas and babas to finally find them.    -  Juliette Howard

 October 15th, 2012- Gotcha day

 Two Months Home 

 Six months home and sharing a recipe foster grandma used to make for him: 

One Year Home

Remember......  BOYS ROCK!