Giving Back

Today a group of children adopted from the standard China program spent the day giving back.  These were all girls who were adopted from China before it was mostly a waiting child program.  They meet monthly to keep in contact with their culture, friends and with their common bond, adoption.

These girls are not strangers to giving back.  My newest dedicated volunteer Amy ,who collected toys for her birthday for the waiting children in China, is part of this group.  Now this group is lead by two moms who believe in giving back.  They are great! They asked me to speak to the girls last year about what we do in the orphanages, meeting waiting children, caregiver training, and advocacy. The kids had a great time and so did I!  They wrote wishes for waiting children and attached them to lollipops, they made a scroll and contributed to the waiting child quilt that we presented to the CCCWA  It was fun to show them pictures and tell them how all the projects were received.  Here is a picture of the waiting child quilt in case you missed it the first time around.  So much fun to say to them, "  here is what you did!".

This time the girls participated by buying goodies for the waiting children.  They visited stores with cool hair ornaments, like bows, pony tail holders and head bands.  For boys we got pocket mirrors.  This was a very successful project on our last trip.  Just being able to give each child a head band or a mirror made a huge impact.  They knew we thought they were special and they felt it.  Their faces changed.  The kids club girls decorated some thin bags for the waiting kids to put their goodies in.  We did not put the items they purchased into the bags.    Waiting kids don't get to pick much, this is one area where they have a choice. We want to give them the feeling of options.

So thanks to the girls.  You are a wonderful group.  I love the spirit that your parents are nurturing.  You are giving back and even at your young age you have learned that everyone can do something.  I have no doubt you all will change the world for the better.
Here are the girls busily at work.