Advocacy Monday

Xin Xin is a beautiful almost three year old girl who is waiting for her family. She has a smile that could melt your heart.  Her sweet personality lights up the room.  She likes toy balls and can crawl on hands and knees.  She has good fine motor skills.  Xin Xin's medical need is Osteogenesis Imperfecta , brittle bone disease.  As a physical therapist I have worked with this disease extensively.  These children are treated with a supplement to make their bones stronger.  They can also receive surgery to place rods in their long bones to decrease the likely hood of fracture.  Exercise is helpful to continuing to build bone strength.  I consulted recently with a pediatric orthopedist about Xin Xin.  His main concern is that everyone be aware that children with issue are of normal intelligence and can achieve a full and meaningful life. For children with OI fractures tend to slow down as they reach puberty and then adulthood.

This beautiful little girl is protected from fractures at the orphanage.  They try to keep her off her feet.  It is a big deal for a child to have a fracture while in an orphanage.  It must be set in a hospital and care giving is an issue with a cast.

Xin Xin needs a family to love her.  She is waiting for someone to step forward and be her Mom and Dad. To help her live her life to her fullest potential.   To say that she is so much more than a medical need.  She is a little girl waiting for a forever family who has a heart big enough to accommodate a few casts or broken bones in her lifetime.  To help her dry her tears, love her forever. Could she be your daughter?

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