Advocacy Monday!

Today we are advocating for a special boy.  He has been featured in our Guang Ming star email.  We call him Billy.  He met us with his best friend Bea and came in holding her hand.  Many people ask about Bea but not Billy.  We are highlighting Billy because we don't want him to be left behind.   He is at a disadvantage just by being a boy.  Girls get picked first and boys wait and wait.   So here is what we know about Billy.

He is six years old.  He is smart.  He recited a poem. He wrote his name in simple Chinese characters.  He could copy shapes.  He even imitated English words. He completed all the fine motor tasks presented.  He still cannot tie his shoes but is otherwise independent in self care.

Billy goes to the campus school.  they say he really likes school.  The caregivers describe him as a quick learner.  His favorite color is yellow and his favorite animal is a panda bear.

Billy's medical need is differences in both his hands and in his right foot.  These differences do not slow this handsome boy one bit.   He is so sweet and so cute and so smart.  It would be so great to find a family who would work to keep Billy and Bea together.  We do not want Billy to be left behind just because he is a boy.
Could you open your heart to this boy with limb differences who is so smart and sweet?

If you have any questions about Billy, contact me at