Advocacy Monday

This September when the CCCWA was visiting, we had a outdoor lunch at the home of a wonderful Gladney Family.  I met a remarkable girl during the outing.   Her name is Mattea. She told her story of being adopted from an orphanage and having a best friend in the orphanage.  Mattea was adopted but longed to see her best friend have a family too!  She desperately wants to see the friend again.  To have her experience the love of a family.  She told her story in Chinese and the officials from the CCCWA were very moved, many in tears.  It broke all of our hearts.

Now sometimes fate deals a good turn  This little girls mom, Vickie, is a Physical therapy assistant and was able to meet the child.  She has a Special focus issue but it appears this may not be the case.  Now those that have worked with Superkids know that I get very upset when this happens.  Files are so important because often its all potential adoptive parents get to make a very difficult decision.  They might turn down a child because of a label that might not be correct.  On the parents side, they must make the decision with the info they have what is best for their family.   So, I would like to share with you the information on this sweetie.

She has been called Lauren by other advocates. She is 12 years old.   That means she has just two years left to be adopted.  Her medical need is congenital high myopia, Strabismus and Downs syndrome (which the mom who met her does not believe she has. )  Now you know there are no guarantees. She is currently living in foster care.   She is independent in her self care.  All her gross motor milestones are present, like standing on one foot and hopping.  She has goods fine motor because she is able to eat with chopsticks, button and zipper.  She can use advance language to describe things and her feelings.  Reportedly, from the file, Lauren has better expressive abilities than receptive.  She requires repetition to learn.  She completes her homework on time and knows when she cannot understand something to ask the foster mother.  She is described as a delightful child who makes friends easily and is very cooperative.

Vicki had this to say about her. " She has a ready smile and likes watching TV.  She loves to sing and dance with music.  She enjoys computer classes and playing games on the computer, but also loves being and playing outdoors.  Her favorite color is yellow.  She is currently in 6th grade.  This sweet girl really wants a family!"

Vickie has been privileged to conversations between her daughter and Lauren. She is articulate at level we don't often see. She does not seem to have the characteristics of Downs syndrome. She is a beautiful girl who needs a family. 

I believe in Advocacy and in a chance for this beautiful girl to find a forever family if she has Downs syndrome or not. So today share about Lauren please.  I have faith she will find her forever family.  Surely there is a family with a heart big enough to give her all the love she needs to grow and reach her full potential.

If you want more information about Lauren, please contact me at  I can pass you on to Vicki who has met Lauren for questions she can help on.  It would be great to make Mattea's and Lauren's wishes come true.