All They Need

Hi everyone,

If you are joining me from Erin Martin's blog for the first time, Welcome.  We are doing a special joint advocacy joint post today today.  Erin and I both have a heart for waiting children.  As the Holidays approach, it makes us dwell on home, family and the joy that a forever family can bring.  We know how much these children need a forever family.  They all have the same special need.  That need is Downs Syndrome.  These beautiful children need structure, routine and consistency to maximize their potential.  We want to help them find their forever families, live life to their fullest potential and not spend another Holiday in an orphanage. They are such happy children.  Their happiness is contagious and they made us happy just spending time with them.  The thought of any of these precious waiting children coming home gives a whole new meaning to being Home for the holidays. So help us advocate for these wonderful children.  Share the post and send positive energy.  We hope they will all find forever families.

Charlotte is a beautiful girl who is 5 years old.  She is described by her caregivers as playful.  She speaks in long sentences and talks a lot with her friends.  Charlotte was able to stack cups and place larger objects in smaller objects.  She had a good pincer grasp.  She liked to draw shapes but she could not write her own name yet.  She can walk and run and really enjoyed playing with our van driver, Mr. Li.  Charlotte attends Kindergarten outside the orphanage.   

Alan is a sweet boy who is almost three.  He is just learning how to walk and does so by holding the caregivers hand.  The caregivers say he rarely cries.  He holds onto the table and cruises along.  He likes to play by himself.  He plays with the stacking cups  Alan can move from his back to his belly to sitting on the floor.  He crawls with his belly on the floor.  His favorite foods are rice and fruit.  

Amelia is a beautiful one and a half year old girl.  She was making simple sounds and turned when she called her name.  She had a scar by her right ear.  She has low muscle tone and a bit of a tongue thrust.  She enjoys being cuddled.  She likes to be fed first in her room.  She is sitting with support and tried to belly crawl but could not move forward or backwards yet. 

It takes a special family with an amazing heart to guide these precious children on their Journeys.  Are you a parent who can open your heart to any one of these children?  All they need to be happy is a forever family!
If you have stopped at the Superkids blog first, click here to go to Erin Martin's blog to read about the other three children we are advocating for.  If you would like any more information about these children, feel free to contact me at or Erin at