Exciting news

Exciting news!  Dr. Darla visited Shanghai and visited with our children there this week.  She was in Shanghai and spent the day visiting with our children.  So cool!  She spent her time and all to get great information on the wonderful children there.  Yeah Darla!  You rock!

I am so grateful for our wonderful volunteers this year.  Darla donated her time this Summer and now!   Darla has children, a busy practice and she used her precious time to help waiting children find families.   Erin has the same spirit.  She has five children.  She home schools and has a super busy life.  Her dedication in helping waiting children find families is amazing!  Chelsea our intern has decided to dedicate her adoption. We have another waiting child advocate who is always there for us.  Suzanne has showed strength and dedication as well.  She is always there for the kids.  Volunteers from past trips also showed great spirits and love for the children.  Diane, Karen and Kathy, we are so grateful for all you have contributed.  Dr.  Eileen, you rock too!  You are always there for the children even when you are supposed to be having fun at a picnic and I ask for a consult on a waiting child.  

Many advocates from Internet groups have shared and supported the children by sharing posts and spreading the word about the wonderful waiting children.  So as the year draws to a close, Thank you all. Your spirits are amazing and they make each and every heart sing!  Each child that comes home is a victory.  If we can't change the world all at once, you change the world one child at a time.

Here is a quote to sum up our belief.
A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history. - Mahatma Gandhi

Here are some pics from past trips and this years trip. You rock ladies!

Wonderful volunteers, thank you all so much for the care and dedication you show to children.